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Hey Guys, use the slideshow option to view the photos! Just click the first pic and there should be a slideshow option at the top. And now... Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Law. Wish you too Happily Ever After! From the Bride & Groom Wedding Photography Team


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Will never eat at this restaurant.

Love to see how my pics are being displayed and enjoyed at Covent Garden in London. Good work Cheryl!

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Have you gotten your Polaroid Cube yet? Great Stocking Stuffer for Christmas. Can't stop playing with it. Just addictive!!POLAROID-CUBE-IS-STUCK-ON-ME-AT-ALL-TIMES/cu6k/EBACDFD3-D9DF-4B70-9A72-7F023D9CDB54

Right, it's all about the poor black boy that got shot. This is not race targeted but rather to everyone that was involved in this riot, you are where you are at simply by how you choose to be. I am assuming most people involved in this riot are ethnic minorities that are upset with the police and the authorities in Genral. So by rioting, will you change how white people look at you? This is the reason why racism still exists. You have given up on yourself and choose to use it as an excuse to do better.


Hey everyone, I have started a new blog.  Come check it out.  Read about some of my whacky experiences on the set and also check out my reviews of the latest gadgets and gears.

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Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!

Wishing everyone here at AND a prosperous new years with lots of fun and interesting projects in the year of the horse!

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