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Sleepy in NYC

Day 4 in New York and life is still a jet-lagged blur. Got over-ambitious the first day and went for a "walk". Two hours and 20 something blocks and avenues later I was somewhere in the west village. The thing is I don't really remember the walk over there. Anyways, realising that if I didn't get horizontal quickly I was going to end up passing out face down in a NY gutter, I grabbed a cab and went home. Passed out at 9. Aren't I just the life of the party! Decided to take days 2 and 3 much more s-l-o-w-l-y. The cloud of confusion and fatigue is slowly starting to lift...

Don't remember there being so many dogs here, but they are everywhere, and they are all so CUTE!!!! I'm especially liking the Puggles. Pug/beagle mix. Insanely cute. INSANELY CUTE!!! Yes, I am suffering separation anxiety from my dog...

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gosh - i miss NYC soooo much....get cha self to union square at the weekend... they have dogs for adoption....usually from the homes/ abandoned....south of the sq. really cute ..farmer's market is cool too...
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take it easy for a few more days, otherwise you'll stay jet lagged even longer!
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
bring back some coney island hot dogs!
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