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Sanya, a pleasant surprise | 三亞,愉快的驚喜

I've just returned from Sanya, China, where I was one of the judges for the "New Silk Road Model Competition". I'd always heard that it was the "Hawaii of China". Although I was working pretty hard there, and therefore didn't get to see much, what I did see was really beautiful. Very clean, friendly people, and zero traffic (that means barely any pollution). I stayed in this huge hotel, that had the biggest swimming pool I had ever seen in my life, and the best yellow chili hot sauce I've ever had.

So, the second day I did a photo shoot for a China magazine at this beautiful villa that is for rent at the astronomical price of HKD$30,000 per night. It was really nice with a big pool, outdoor bathtubs in each of the bathrooms, overlooking a golf course.


Then it was time for the pre-show press conference... | 比賽前的新聞發布會…

And then the competition...

This contest is a very important one for Chinese models as the winner is almost certainly guaranteed some form of success in the entertainment world in Asia. The most successful of the winners is Du Jian, who is now an international supermodel.

So official!

Here, in the photo below, are all the judges on stage at the beginning of the live broadcast across China and anywhere else in the world that gets chinese channels. I was SO nervous! In the photo you can see that I am clasping my hands together. I was squeezing so hard I lost feeling in my index finger. I just did not want to do a face-plant on stage. I was thinking, "Feet, don't fail me now!"


All in all I had a good time, and discovered Sanya along the way. Next time I go there I would like to check out the ocean. I was told it is crystal clear, warm, with nothing at the bottom but soft white sand. That sounds amazing.

Now I'm back in Hong Kong and back to work. I returned to a 130 on the pollution index. I thought it was a cloudy rainy day. Turns out it was smog. Already missing Sanya...

| 整個旅程我都很開心,發現了三亞的美。下次再來我要去探索這裏的海,聽說它象鉆石般清澈、溫暖,海底沒有任何東西,只有細軟的白沙。聽起來很美。


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wow cool, it looks great from your pictures. I love your pose at the judges table. very classy! ;-)
over 15 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
That place looks cool. I've been going to China a lot lately and the people I've met have been cool. It must be even better at Sanya with no pollution and traffic. Nice!
over 15 years ago


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