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Blog: Wednesday, Apr 23

I'm alive !! Not dead!

Sorry for disappearing for a while... So, what have i been doing since NYE in HK???

I've spent January in Shanghai,  which looked kinda like this at that time: So i locked myself in, set the aircon on 30°C, ordered pizza and fooled around with music.

You can find the result right here:


After a cold month in Shangfreezy, it was time to pack my suitcase again. So i ended up touring 12 weeks, from early February until now!

First up was Germany.

Spent some time in Berlin,

cruised the Autobahn for a while,

played lots of gigs throughout Germany and Switzerland,

and chilled in the Swiss Alps.

Next up, NYC was calling. So i jumped on a plane to hit the Big Apple!

Enjoyed it to the fullest, and had a couple awesome gigs there

(THX Noel / THX Roxy / THX Palmsout)


After  a couple weeks in NYC, i went down to Miami for a while,

then again some more Germany, Switzerland and UK,

and now i'm here in Frankfurt, Germany. Waiting for my flight to HK.

That's right, i fell in love with Hong Kong and i decided to settle there for a while =)

So y'all might run into me in the local supermarket, who knows ;)

Many ideas waiting to be realized, see you in the club.



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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur handphone is fxxking kool!!!!!!!!
about 16 years ago
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awesome! looking forward to your return! for photographers you should talk to Berton Chang or Ivy Lam... (on this site of course!)
about 16 years ago
Joeypang 4a joeypang
Welcome back ;)
about 16 years ago


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