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My body art presentation

I'm impressed these patterns just like tattoo on me! for more photos, please check out my body art album ;) Fanny Cheuk is a great photographer! also check out her profile on AnD

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EXPRESSION of Tattoo Art

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To me, tattoos are ‘new clothing’ for a naked body.

Tattoos are not there to just cover your dull skin tone or trim your body’s contours with visual tricks. They can also express your personality, your thoughts and the world inside you. It is a presentation of the practical realm as well as the abstract mind.

As the designer and tailor of this new ‘piece of clothing’ I have to thoroughly understand my models - so they are able to express themselves with the creation of perfectly fitting ‘new clothes’. Only the model and I truly understand these ‘new clothes’ as they are highly personal creations. However, if this ‘outfit’ can evoke emotion and admiration in other viewers - this in itself serves a higher purpose. Then these ‘new clothes’ may be categorized as a work of art. My happiest moment is being able to share this with the world. Art facilitates the movement of abstract concepts in to reality. In most cases, the medium for art is simply inorganic matter. Only tattoos are exhibited on a living body - a permanent display to the world.

Every medium allows for art to be portrayed in a unique way. Yet, the human body is perhaps the single most distinctive medium of all. This art can only be carried when someone is ready to go through pain and have their blood shed.

The physical body underneath the tattooed skin continues with its daily functions – its mandatory life cycle. The person then carries this art-skin out and into the wider world. This person is a living, moving exhibition. The art-skin makes its way across the world, from country to country.

This breathtaking interaction between ink and the dynamic human body gives life to this art. The art piece changes, grows, ages, dies and is eventually buried with the body. For someone who genuinely appreciates the power of this art, in death, the tattoo should not remain a subject of the mortal body. To separate this tattooed skin from the body allows the tattoo to then be seen in its original form – as a Work of Art - a collectible that could be held for auction.

對我而言, 紋身就如同當你裸體時候的“一件新衣“。不止用來裝飾你乏味的皮膚色調、用視覺效果來修掩你身體的線條,更加表現你的個性、思想、內心的畫面,現實與抽象的表現。身為這一件“新衣“的設計師兼裁縫,要懂得主人的內外一切,為他/她表達,創造一件“合身的新衣“,只有你與牠才懂得這“新衣“,當然,能夠贏得世間欣賞、認同,就更加賞心悅目,分享的心情更加來得寛‧愉。

藝術就是將抽象概念帶到現實當中,而一般藝術媒體向來都是死物,只有紋身是藉著活生生的人體永久性地呈現出來。每一件藝術材料本身就是獨一無二的,自願地為藝術接受痛楚、流血。藝術皮層底下每日不停地依照牠的循環工作,人帶著這幅藝術皮膚表現於現實社會裡,來去自如,穿州過省。墨水與身體之間奇妙的互動反應,為這件藝術品賜予現實中的生命,隨主人變型、老去、死亡、被埋葬。有心人為了拯救這件藝術品,會插手介入,將牠與人體分離,讓牠返回原有的身份: ”一件藝術品”,讓人收藏、拍賣。Chinese dictated by Joey Pang of Tattoo Temple.

English translation provided by Chris Anderson of Tattoo Temple.


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Kee Magazine Interview and Tattoo History


At HK's Tattoo Temple the beauty of 'Ink to Ink' is highly apparent in the form of owner Joey Pang,a 29 year-old female tattoo artist that is not only inspired, but multi-talented. Shoes are removed before entering the unusually calm environment, which helps prepare the mind and body for what is about to occur.Pang reveals that the art form got her hooked from a very young age. "Since I was a child I always loved drawing and painting, as it was a way through which I could express myself. This led me to follow a career in design and later beauty, in the form of makeup." It was during this latter period that she became engaged in the activity of painting tribal henna versions of tattoos on people. "I was painting on someone's body and realised that  I wanted to do this permanently. I really wanted to explore the beauty of ink to skin in the form of tattooing. I knew that this was my calling."

This realisation led Pang to travel to New Zealand to further explore the tribal tattoos, which were becoming more popular. Following this trip and gathering all the information she could, Pang went Thailand, where she met the legendary Chris Wroblewski, who taught her everything he knew about the art of tattooing. His book, The Tattoo Bible, contains hundreds of facts and photographs of the beauty of this ever-expanding art form, including a history of HK's tattoos. "when I was in Thailand, I was able to practice my tattoo skills on at least three people a day, because the Thais believe that tattoos are good luck. This also gave me the confidence to work on people." Pang goes on to state how Chris influenced her entire view of the art form. "He taught me everything I know and encouraged me to go and learn more about tattoos in Europe, so off I went." Being ever curious , Pand traveled to France, Germany and Switzerland, working part time jobs on the side, to keep her curious fire burning."It was such amazing experience, and I find ever now that I am learning new styles of tattooing." she enthuses.

Upon her return to HK, Pang took the decision to open up her own tattoo studio at age 27. "I wanted to show HK people other styles of tattooing apart from the usual gangster style ones that were apparent everwhere" she states confidently. Being a firm believer in expression, Pang views tattoos as a part of the ever-evolving self in which the body acts as a diary or a canvas to mark life's experiences. "I am now 29,Tattoo Temple has been open for two years and I plan to take it to new heights. I believe that HK tattooing is not yet as evolved as other places."

Pang wants to make her mark on HK by educating individuals about the new techniques associated with tattoos, and also show that colour tattoos don't fade as they once did. " In HK,tattooing has only been around for about 60 years. James Ho came here from Shanghai and introduced this beautiful art form to HK, where one of his tattoo studios still remains. Amongst some of the oldest tattoo places in HK are Ricky and Pinky's in Wanchai, which is still around and Benny Tsoi's in Jordan,which is now run by his son. His daughter also owns her own tattoo studio in Granville Road."

When asked how she handles customers, Pand merely states: "It's all informal. They usually call me and I design a tattoo for them in my studio. I don't like to copy other people's designs because I like creating unique tattoos for unique individuals." And this truly seems to be the case, as there are absolutely no displays of other peoples' tattoos on her wall. The only displays are her own calligraphy tattoo designs. "one of my favourite things to do at the moment is Chinese Calligraphy. I love Chinese and Japanese styles as they really inspire me."

In five years' time, Pang claims that she sees herself creating her own styles of tattoos that she hopes  will become as widespread as the tribal influence. "The skin tells a story , it can mark the journey of life, which in itself is something so beautiful."


Tattoos are becoming ever more apparent in today's modern culture.They have been used as a medium for expression in the past and continue to do so in the present.The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word 'tatao' which means 'to tap',describing the method of tapping the ink into the skin with a sharp object such as a needle.It was Captain James Hook who brought this word to Europe after visiting the Polynesian Islands. He and his crew had numerous examples of tribal tattoos primarily on their arms and shoulders.

Tattoo date back th the ancient Egyptians ,when mummies were tattooed to identify them. A mummy named Amunet, who was a priestess of the Goddess Hathor, was tattooed with several lines and dots around her body. These patterns have been identified by excavators who claim that these marks were only found on women associated with ritualistic practice.

Another example of tattoos used in this way relates to the Polynesian tribes.Many tribes would tattoo their members to identify them so as not to ostracise them from the protection of the tribe.These members would have to undergo several tests, such as hunting ability, to acquire these markings on their bodies, and these would not be taken lightly. The members who were not tattooed were sent into exile away from the rest of the members as they were unable to complete such tests, and were seen as unfit to be part of the tribe.

The first tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O'Reilly in the early 1900s, and resulted in the art being brought to the US. However, the majority of people who got tattoos were either immigrants or outcasts of society, which is why the art was perceived as low class by some. The evolution of tattooing has demonstrated a tremendous shift in consciousness in modern day society as a whole. From sluts and sailors to saints and suburban housewives, tattoos have come a long way,and TV has taken it one step further with reality shows based on the art becoming massively popular.Miami Ink, which currently airs on Discovery Travel & Living, depicts how the art of tattooing has been popularised in a society that once regarded it as low class. Needless to say, by and large, society as a whole has embraced this art form, just as it once was embraced and revered by the Egyptians and Polynesian tribes alike.

The Meaning of tattoos differs for each individual, as some carry meanings of spirituality whilst others carry political, religious or personal statements. Even prisoners tattoo their fellow inmates to include them in a fraternity or brotherhood, where strength and protection is apparent. In the 80s tribal tattoos were made popular by oppressed individuals of society and it was these individuals that rebelled against societal norms. Nowadays,memorial tattoos are very popular, especially after incidents such as 9/11 and the Iraq War.

To a tattoo artist, the body is like a canvas, and it merely acts as a medium upon which to be able to express one's individuality. Whether or not you like tattoos, there is no denying the fact that statements are statements no matter where or how they are expressed.

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About Me

JOEY originally studied Design and Make up in HK, but since then she has been to Thailand, France, Germany, Switzerland and Beijing to train in tattoo and body art.

Since 2006,she has owned and operated Tattoo Temple in Central HK, the largest tattoo and piercing shop in Hong Kong. It is an active workshop and gallery, confirmed at the highest international hygiene standards. She specialized in custom design, calligraphy, colour work, Chinese styles and Japanese styles.



2006年返港於中環開設Tattoo Temple "廟" 紋身店





Artists I had visited:

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齊旭龍 – Portrait style,he is now working in New York –

Paul Booth Tattoo

龍繡堂 LXT TATTOO - 中國北京 Beijing

冷炎 – 水墨畫風格 北京798藝術園

Filip Leu – Champion Artist of Japanese style, Lausanne Switzerland

Varry –H.R.Giger ‘s Friend.He specialized in sculpture and Giger’ style

Varry's Tattoo & Art - Sissach Switzerland

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Heidelberg Germany

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Chris Wroblewski – Tattoo Gallery and Museum – St Loup France

Thailand Tattoo Center – Hau Hin Thailand organized by German

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