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"Chang sha rocks"

May 21st:Yep here i am in chang sha now kickin it in the hotel again....Its great to see so many Alive not dead.commer's leavin awsome comments on my blogs...Its such a warm family thing...Oops better cut the emo stuff out for now..haha....Yeah so anyway chang sha is a great place and quite different to chengdu..its more chill out here and the food is also great..We checked into a very beautiful hotel with a great view not like the one in CD....We had a great dinner in the hotel and then walked around a bit...eatin from the street again....The people here are so friendly and nice and its just great....Going on a tour to some historical places tomolo mornin....catch ya's later...And yes brotha T the rabbit thing was insane...rotten doubt i am not popular...ALIVENOTDEAD is da popular one!!!....hahaha....Great job guys!!!

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we need some pics dude.
about 17 years ago
Be safe brother!
about 17 years ago


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