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Joey Yung… Something different.

Jun Kung and I have started a new production team in HK and our first client was none other then Joey Yung. The song is something very different from other Joey tracks and hopefully will be a plug track.

We had 2 days in the studio recording the track and Joey did a great job.. really stepped up to the plate as the vocals were not the usual canto style. Well done Joey.

This new production team between Jun and I is really something different for HK, I think we can really shake up the industry with our East meets West production.

Also thanks to Leo Chan at EEG who took the first leap working with this new team. I think we have a monster song on our hands and I will be very surprised if this new song doesn’t make a big splash in HK.

At the end of every session I make everyone do my signature “Poo Face”…lol!

We all had a lot of fun and I look forward to more work with Joey and future collaborations between HK’s newest production team and SE Asian artists!!


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Ha. No poo faces please!!!!
over 11 years ago
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I heard these were going really well. Congrats on a starting new page in HK music history! ;-)
over 11 years ago
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Thanks Raffi, by the way, your poo face is next!!!
over 11 years ago
Elena dd unset 18
awesome!! gotta @ joey let her know :P
over 11 years ago
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I make my Poo face in the privacy of my own home. :-o
over 11 years ago


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