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worst song of the year|全年最難聽的歌|全年最难听的歌

the songs published are usually my best work and now its only fair i show u some of the songs that didnt and wont make the cut...

this is my sorry attempt to write an "authentic" cantopop.  if there is a "worst song of the year" award, i would win it

there is no right or wrong in arts? think again. enjoy!! :) USE IT AS YOUR RINGTONE

ps. the funny thing is, it may be a hit if the right singer sings it!



這是我非常差的 嘗試去寫一首真實廣東歌。如果有全年最差的歌獎,我一定會拿到!

在藝術裡沒有錯跟對是嗎? 再想一想! 請欣賞吧!把它做你電話的鈴聲!

P.s 最好笑的是,如果一個合適的歌手唱的話,可能會很受歡迎! | 平时我给你们听的作品是我最好的,我觉得会公平一点如果我现在把那些没那麽好听的歌给你们听。。。

这是我非常差的 尝试去写一首真实广东歌。如果有全年最差的歌奖,我一定会拿到!

在艺术裡没有错跟对是吗? 再想一想! 请欣赏吧!把它做你电话的铃声!

P.s 最好笑的是,如果一个合适的歌手唱的话,可能会很受欢迎!

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Admin bear cimg7673
ha ha!
almost 13 years ago
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a definitely award winner! the sad thing is, i could totally see that being on the next Cantopop album as a real (not trying to be bad on purpose) song! :-P
almost 13 years ago
Photo 505164
Just listened to it. I do have to give you credit... It's absolutely terrible, but awesomely absolutely terrible. hahaha
over 12 years ago


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