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Dream Come true..THE POLICE/LinKin Park/Jacky Cheung World Tour

The Year Started for me with a BiG BANG and a dream that came true! to watch the police..in concert. And to make it sweeter,it was just next to where i live...at the venetian in MACAU. How Crazy is that?!  For me , it was Sting's 10 sommener's tale, then i had to do my police phase...the year was 96.I watched the best concert of 07 which was Linkin Park and was the best nuskool concerts.To simply put,LP was epically insane.Awesome production,great  sound and the stage design was simple but classy...5 spotlights constantly on the 5 guys in the band never leaving them...DIdnt know too much of their songs before the show but I am a fan now.

Then to start the new year in macau,with the Police in concert was just too much for me..Just 4 days prior to the concert, i was in the hospital getting my injection and my drugs to help me make it thru some rough days,It was the end of JC's 07 world tour in HK Finale.the dude that annouced his thing before the show...says.."poonanee" which is a beautiful Jamaican Word...hehe..

I had a serious Tonsil Infection plus the flu...Playing outdoors at 5 degrees,while raining..

For the people that was in hk FEB 1,2,3. I dont think anybody with the right mind would be outdoors at nite under the rain doing anything that would get u physically all soaked in ur own sweat for 45 mins,with no heater,Put on a thick jacket and sit thru 30 mins of slow songs and let ur sweat dry out....Is that just me or a plan for a slow death....coz thats what happened....I was so heavily sedated on cough medicine/flu medicine and anti-biotics  just to get me thru the shows...I really honestly should be a bit emotional coz Hk was the last leg of the tour but i just didnt have any feelings at all coz of the drugs.

T.K.O......at the last Show...

Was in bed for the next 3 days straight,coughing out flem and blood while sleeping,total lost of voice...then telling myself..

"junny,ur not gonna make it to the police concert...u could barely even aim properly in the bathroom.."

The drugs/Injection worked and by "ROXANNE" after a beer my good friend/drinking buddy-Mr.Terence Yim offered,I was Back in action...So my advise is....


 It really works~~~~

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awesome! you are a blogging dynamo
over 16 years ago
Photo 33405
too bad I missed the LP concert... "beer is the cure!" haha
over 16 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
whats up junny!!!....omg gosh ur blogs are nice and long ones!!...keep it up! so i know what ya been up to...peace out!
over 16 years ago


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