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Here at Car Dealership...

I just met an amazing woman, owner of a major company which she built from scratch.  She had an idea, built a business plan, found her investors, and took it all the way.  Hundreds of rejections later, she had her first step in the door.  Today they contribute all kinds of aerospace and nautical devices to the construction of military artillery.I'm absolutely in awe just watching people out there with their grander than life passion.  A lot of them are not just talented but also full of industriousness, diligence, love for life, drive, kindness, such patience... One may be born with a high IQ or great chemistry inside out, but it takes a lot of self-discipline and passion to really become that inspirational somebody.During one of my production meetings yesterday, I met a younger Chinese kid.  It pleased me to see in her what I thought was a dying practice in America: her sweetness yet scholarly eloquence, etiquette, lively imagination, innocence, and especially her discipline  to train in her dance and remember her grand dreams.

So a quick thought along the lines of those two meetings while I"m stuck here at the dealership: I'm thankful for our troops who fight hard to keep our country free from harm, for the doctors and nurses that save lives, for mechanics and workers who build the world around us, the engineers who continually develop new technology to better our ways of life.  Yes, I love our engineers.I admire the martial artists who train with every last drop of sweat and blood they've got.  I admire the man from la mancha who kept reaching despite his arms being too weary, chasing his impossible dream (which by the way, is one of my favorite songs).  Looks like my car's done soon, so I'll wrap it up.  I just want to say THANK YOU to anyone who continues to stay strong and positive despite the struggles, because it makes the community a better place, and because it gives many hope that there are good people in the world.currently listening to Jolin Tsai's Love Love Love  I want to go to KTV to sing her song!! :)

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And I'm sure all of them unknowingly thank you for thanking them as well. Although if everyone got more recognition like this I think people would generally be happier and things would be better.
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not enough engineer love out there. thank you! ;-)
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ur productioN? what do you do? i thought you were just actress. yes i believe hardiness is the key to sucess thanks for mentioning martial artists :)
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Stephen 93 stephen
"Dying practice" -- I think you might have skipped out on telling us what kind of dance he/she is doing that's dying -- ballet? tap? the Charleston? j/k... I agree with Etchy -- some of us under-the-cover web community-building engineers could use a little love... not saving the world, but helping people waste hours away in virtual ones...
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
thank YOU!!! you're working just as hard (if not harder) than all the people you mention! =)
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