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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone! 

I co-wrote and directed this for laughs.

Asian Dude thinks he's a LeprechaunThe youtube video link is at:

 I hope you enjoy it!  Please, do share your comments and feedback.

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Hey Everyone, I'm BACK! Tonight!

Been so busy and haven't updated.  

Here's the latest news.  I'm back on CHUCK tonight! :o)

We update my facebook fairly frequently:

But I'll make an effort to post everything here too.

Missed you all, and I LOVE YOU ALIVENOTDEAD community, artists and friends.

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Happy happy April :)

So we just got back from the Wushu competition in Berkeley.  Brought me that breath of fresh air that I so needed since my guy and I broke up not too long ago.  We'd been together for 7 years...   It's so weird being single again.

And WOW were there some amazing players at the Berkeley competition!

In particular, I enjoyed watching Tiffany R. and Phillip Dang.  Team UCLA's awesome too..  They're so nice and fun in real life too!   I can only hope that one day I know what the meaning of strength and control and what being a martial artist is.  It seems the best martial artists, like athletes, dancers and gymnists, bring so much more than just physical technique.  The martial artists I really enjoy watching are those who bring soul or passion, or some kind of feeling to each motion and make the moves their own....

Until then, I guess I'll be training hard everyday...  Loving the iron fan and the straight sword these days  :)

The drive back to LA from Berkeley was so beautiful... the sky reminded me of the opening scene in Simpsons where the white cotton clouds float against a perfect blue sky.  And there must've been 4 rainbows resting upon the serene lakes. 

Then we stopped at this super COOL place where they sold the gamut of farmer fresh fruits and nuts galore.  Heaven :)  I was soooo happy there!  SO HAPPY hehehe

Can't believe another day's gone by.... again.  I spent most of today training in wushu, dancing, singing, playing the piano and closing real estate deals.    I can't wait to go drifting again tomorrow.  insert grins here :D  Got a japanese stunts driving coach who's teaching me how to drift race cars.   I've done it twice successfully.  I think it's a great skill to have, to be able to control your vehicle so well that it becomes a part of you.  Can't wait till my motorcycling class too! ^_^

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Here at Car Dealership...

I just met an amazing woman, owner of a major company which she built from scratch.  She had an idea, built a business plan, found her investors, and took it all the way.  Hundreds of rejections later, she had her first step in the door.  Today they contribute all kinds of aerospace and nautical devices to the construction of military artillery.I'm absolutely in awe just watching people out there with their grander than life passion.  A lot of them are not just talented but also full of industriousness, diligence, love for life, drive, kindness, such patience... One may be born with a high IQ or great chemistry inside out, but it takes a lot of self-discipline and passion to really become that inspirational somebody.During one of my production meetings yesterday, I met a younger Chinese kid.  It pleased me to see in her what I thought was a dying practice in America: her sweetness yet scholarly eloquence, etiquette, lively imagination, innocence, and especially her discipline  to train in her dance and remember her grand dreams.

So a quick thought along the lines of those two meetings while I"m stuck here at the dealership: I'm thankful for our troops who fight hard to keep our country free from harm, for the doctors and nurses that save lives, for mechanics and workers who build the world around us, the engineers who continually develop new technology to better our ways of life.  Yes, I love our engineers.I admire the martial artists who train with every last drop of sweat and blood they've got.  I admire the man from la mancha who kept reaching despite his arms being too weary, chasing his impossible dream (which by the way, is one of my favorite songs).  Looks like my car's done soon, so I'll wrap it up.  I just want to say THANK YOU to anyone who continues to stay strong and positive despite the struggles, because it makes the community a better place, and because it gives many hope that there are good people in the world.currently listening to Jolin Tsai's Love Love Love  I want to go to KTV to sing her song!! :)

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How Embarrassing!

Oh my gosh I am so embarrassed I haven't updated in forEVER!

So much has happened... but all my friends here have been on my mind throughout these months. 

Okay so a quick summary of what I've been doing this last year, all in this paragraph so that you may skip this paragraph if it bores you ^_^   I took my 3 courses on real estate, then passed the exam, so I have my real estate license now.  I'm a regular on Chuck this second season, so they've been keeping us busy on set.  We went to all these publicity things like this: .  I've been shadowing the directors on set, writing my short films, and packaging for this new project.  We finished and printed our short film from last year "Cinder" (yaye!) and I've been training a lot in dance and martial arts, and dealing with RAID configurations on my computer.

I created a new little website for my family and friends at  And then we shot a trailer called BLACK DRAGON, starring Xin Wuku. It was the featured spotlight on youtube yesterday.

Video:  The ubergeek side of me compelled me to Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  Okay so that's in a nutshell :) :) --whew!

Now here's the exciting part:

A few months ago, I went to Sequoia to find some peace and fresh air in the woods.  There were signs posted everywhere that read, Keep Your Dogs in Your Car! Active Bear Site!

I drove to about 8,000 feet elevation when suddenly, noticed the most breathtaking, amazing scenic view ever!  I decided to pull off to the side of the road, park and sit down at the edge to appreciate the majesty of the mountains.

And then I saw it.... Down along the precipice below me, ... a pretty black bear.

As I admired how the little bear was so comfortable gracing the forest of such vast lands, I realized the sun was quickly setting.  I figured it was time to go home before the roads turned pitch black.  But forgetting that I was 8,000 feet up and the air was really thin, I stood up way too quickly and blacked out!

In the few short seconds that I felt light-headed, I managed to knock my purse over the edge of the cliff.  Of course, my car keys were in it.

It's now near freezing temperature, the ground was covered in snow, the camp sites in the area were all still closed, I was locked out of my car, and my purse was down below at the base of the hill, guarded by a bear.

Throughout the night, only three vehicles drove past, but nobody stopped because they didn't see me waving.

I debated whether I should break my car windows and grab my strobe light and camping gear, but decided against it.  I had a pen in my pocket, and dug a tiny trench under my car where I ended up spending the night.

In the morning, I climbed down the mountain, took a few hours to find my purse, and was soon well on my way climbing back up.  Of course I was trembling and messed up for the rest of the day, but it was a good life's experience!

The funniest part of it all was that the story made its way into my next episode of Chuck!  After explaining to our executive producer why I had so many bruises, he added a bear-camp line to my dialogue! =)

A few more thoughts:

My friend just opened up a martial arts school:

Kung Fu Championship in Las Vegas at the end of this month:

Our show CHUCK (NBC) has a comic book out:

Much love and kindness to all!

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Vegetable Chicken Soup Recipe

Start with: Chicken Broth

Chicken Bones

Tomato Sauce


Add to it:

Sea Salt

Black Pepper






Then add (longer cooking time) Tomatoes




Finally: Green Beans


Serve =) 

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My First Blog!

I received an email this morning at 4-ish am time that woke me up and recommended I post a blog because I'm featured on the alivenotdead website.  Through my sleepy groggy eyes, I just couldn't comprehend the email i was reading on my blackberry.

I just couldn't believe it... Really?  How could someone so young like me get featured on such a cool site?  Was I good enough?  I don't even look half as pretty as all the other girls I saw on there!  It surely must be a mistake, I thought. 

Well I turned on my computer and checked this website, and there it was.  My photo smack in the center of Spotlight.   It was like a dream or something.   And no matter how I blinked, it did not go away!

I was beginning to panic.   I mean, I didn't have a blog, or anything up!  I don't even know how to log-in yet!

So I supposed the next step was to stop pretending like I was still dreaming and start learning how to log in and write my very first blog.  I felt like a large clumsy melon.  (Does that only sound cool in Chinese?) 

I knew I probably would sound incoherent, but I finally overcame my fears to type my very first words.

So there you have it.  My very first blog.  Incoherent, with absolutely nothing on it.  Unfortunately that absolutely-nothing took up a lot of words.

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Hey Everyone!  Thank you so much for visiting my alivenotdead page.

I'm excited to join this community and look forward to meeting everyone.

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