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Hi Everyone,

 One of the projects that I've been working on is a crime drama that tells the coming of age story of 2 young immigrant boys from China who, along with 40 other teenagers, founded the largest organized crime syndicate in Taiwan. This story is inspired by the recent death of  family friend Mr. Chen Qi Li and his unconditional devotion to his friends, family, and the community of Taiwan and Cambodia.  As we all know, there are too many glamourized gangster flicks and very few tell the truth. I hope this one will be different.

Please let me know what you think of this topic.

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wow, sounds interesting. i recently saw the korean film 'The Show Must Go On' which attempts to paint a realistic non-glamorous picture of the life of a gangster... not about the rise of a gang leader, but instead its about the realities of being a middle aged, mid-level gang thug in the modern world... :-P
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It looks like a sensitive topic, especially when you said it is gonna be "non fictional" and I guess a lot of the people involved are still alive.. i remember seeing a korean film called "the president's last bang", which is about the assassination of the former korean president park chunhee. even though the film was made almost 20 years after, the descendent of park was still trying to block the film from showing in korea and it caused quite a hassle.. on the other hand, telling real story is always interesting..good luck
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Stephen 93 stephen
Hmm... the first thing that comes to mind is Edward Yang's excellent "A Brighter Summer's Day" which isn't directly about gangsters, but talks about how the early gangs in Taiwan were just a part of the overall social tumult of post-KMT arrival...
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Definitely this story can deliver stuff for a good bibliographic thriller. I personally like those movies ;)
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Looking forward to it! =)
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Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
sounds like a great story! btw.. great to see you on as a featured artist! welcome to AnD.com again!!! i'm back in LA btw.. was in HK for a week last week and so Glen for just one meal. Give him a call he's lonely!
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I think it's a great idea, definitely go for it. I love stylised gangster flicks as much as the next person, but speaking from second-hand experience, that glamour is very far-fetched. I'd like to see a 'Real' gangster picture. Best of Luck
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I think it's a great idea, I'm not really into films that glorify ganstas, but I am into films that portray reality.
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