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波麗士大人 Police et vous THANK YOU!!

波麗士大人 Police et vous just aired it's series finale after 48 episodes!!!  I was just surfing the web and apparently the final episode was quite a success!! 

"Police et vous" was my very first project in Taiwan and I had the previledge of working with the best of the best in the industry. Director Wang Shau DI  王小棣 is by far the best director that I have ever worked with.  The combination of her patience and creative genius not only puts the actor at ease, but it allows the actor to discover his/her talent that was once untapped.

It took her over a year to finish the drama and not once did she give into pressure and financial constraints.  A true solja!!

I've never listened so closely as an actor.

Ironically, my first day of shooting was my last scene in the series.

I think we were trying to find out who won the Laker game.

BIGG UPS to my homie YO WEI for a groundbreaking performance! This was my second of four collaborations with Yo Wei and I must say that I am very impressed. I'm gonna shoot someone if he doesn't get nominated for Best Actor this year.

The Police et vous family.

This might sound like an acceptance speech but this my way of showing my appreciation. Thank you to the cast and crew for the wonderful support , the Creative Group for making this happen and all the fans that fell in love with the character 江晉勇 Jian Jing Yong.  A JOB WELL DONE. WELL DONE!!

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wow ... i like that one !!!u looks cool bro ...
about 13 years ago
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I like to watch this sometime. It sounds cool.
about 13 years ago
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about 13 years ago


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