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Birds of Prey is catching on!!!

Since Onimal's announcement of the boy band Birds of Prey, the soon to be phenomenon is catching on as we speak. I was having a good time with some college friends and when I told them about BOP, they were immediately thrilled!!! So Thrilled that they wanted to take a picture to document their meeting with the Crow.

The next thing you know, my little green friend asked me if he could try out for BOP. So I asked him..."Can you sing?"

Yes He Can!

Then I asked him, "Can you dance? Don't lie to me now....Let's see if you can keep up with my awesome routine."   "Ready?? Here....WE....GO!"

To the back!

To the front!

To the side!

To the back again

So far so good.  But I wasn't convinced. So he begged and begged until he challenged me to a game of rock, paper, scissors. If he wins, he will get the opportunity to audition for the rest of the crew. If he loses, better luck next year.


Boy was he thrilled but little did he know that I kept my toes crossed!  HAHAHAHAH!

*Thanks to Paul Chen for being my little green friend.

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Choose his bird name, I'll add him to the album cover =D Or maybe he can just be a roadie and carry all your gear. Hey, that's "part of the band," right? OMG! Your friend is wearing the Irish Yoga shirt! NO WAY! (I love that shirt! HA!) YA know, with all those dance movies shots, you could probably get Philip to build you an animated avatar like Andy's now... Just a thought.
about 12 years ago
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Ur eyes so funny!!
about 12 years ago
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cabbage patch?
about 12 years ago
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thats definitely the cabbage patch...
about 12 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
So when are you guys going to fess up and admit that BOP is a big joke (on all of us)? :-) (I wasn't born yesterday, and I just watched The Heavenly Kings on Sunday :-), so, let's just say I have my doubts....
about 12 years ago
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Birds of Prey? Is that really a band?
about 12 years ago
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Hahahah! Thanks for the laughs, Johnny! This is so funny! :-) Was a little under the weather yesterday and I'm just back to work today, so a little bit of laughter definitely helped to lift my day.
about 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
he reminds me of the hulk
about 12 years ago
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hahaha!!! and what's next for BOP now?
about 12 years ago
LOL ~!! GROOVY ~!!!
about 12 years ago
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Don't play that game with this guy, you'll be a loser...
about 12 years ago


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