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When no one wants to say, afraid to say, yet that something needed to be said,

and when u chose to say it...U r taking a risk.....I took that risk today.

A 7mth pregnant colleague, 20cm of promised snow tomorrow,

Many more people if come to work.....going back home would be chaos.....

Not to mention those scheduled n assigned to be travelled back n forth on the road,

someone's pretty son and duaghters.......

the more u r out on the street, the more chance u would run into accident.....

I called Hawaii, where my boss is vacationing....735am ,

Told him what would be coming almost 99.9%, Horrible conditions....

'NO one should be endangered and risk being trapped or stuck....?

May I suggest taking a day off??'

'I'd made up my mind, I dont want to talk about it....stopped before i blow..

I expect U would have made better decision...' My boss

I think I did make better decision...

no one was spared tomoro but the pregnant lady..........I was 1/35 happy....

34/35 still have to come to work and face....adversity tomoro ,

affrimatively confirmed by  our Enviroment Canada.

Tormoro is one of those biggest snow storm of the year as forecasted....

Putting someone at unncessary risk , unacceptable to me,

that's riskiing someone's lives....

Me, saying that out....it's not a risk....it's basic courtesy and humanity.

My heart towards this Boss changed 180 degrees....

Will Let U guys know our ending tomoro....


p.s. Maybe U would think i m asking too much...to stop whole operation, but we 're just in the setting up stage, we still have 2 Official Christmass Holidays where whole station shuts down...I couldnt see the double standard or logic here....anywayz


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Your heart is in the right place! A good boss would make a decision based on the team not on one individual! This sends out bad vibes to the other 34....its OK for you guys to work and risk your lives!
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My understanding, here in balmy North Carolina, is that in Canada and places like Michigan and Minnesota, work is never called off for snow, unless there is a bonafide blizzard (with zero visibility because of blowing snow). The cold cities to the north always laugh at us here in the South because a few inches of snow paralyzes us. But we don't have many snow plows or salt spreaders. Our cars don't have snow tires and our citizens most definitely do not know how to drive in snow and, much worse, on ice. So, your boss is probably of the--We are Canadians, we don't stop for snow, ever--school. Maybe the storm won't be so bad in the end. If the snow plows can keep up with it and it there isn't too much blowing snow, it might turn out alright in the end. If not, people spend the night at the office and you have a wild party. :-)
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