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Serious question (and YES, I have been awake since 4am asking myself this very question): is it safe to eat sushi during pregnancy?!?! 認真的問題(我真的從早上4點一直在煩惱這個問題)孕婦到底可不可以吃生魚片 ??!?!

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這種天氣真讓人賴床!Jet lagged, feeling lazy, pregnant.

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我回台灣了!一回到家就看到桌上放著上次為了肚子裡的寶寶做的NIFTY PLUS基因檢測報告,要看檢查結果的時候我好緊張,就好像學校考試放榜一樣緊張,但其實為了這緊張也挺笨的,我又沒辦法像準備考試一樣為它提前做功課唸書去準備,但是,我還是很緊張!當我打開報告看完結果,我大嘆了一口氣,是心中卸下一塊大石頭的那種,這種感覺比考試分數拿到滿分還要棒啊! I came back to Taiwan today to find the results of my NIFTY PLUS test on my desk (a genetics test for the baby, basically) . I was nervous - like I was about to find out the results of a school exam. It’s so silly. This isn’t some sort of test I can study for, so it’s not like I could have prepared for the exam… but still, I was nervous. When I opened the contents and read the results of the bloo...Read more

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Aaaaaaaaand I'm back in Taiwan!!!!! ............. aaaaand it's raining. ? 台灣,我回來了了了了了了了. 厚!下雨?

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Who's watching?! Who are you rooting for? 你們要誰贏呢?!

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Just me... #24weekspregnant ... standing on a cliff... wind in my hair... pretending to be #wonderwoman 站在懸崖風摧者頭髮假裝我是神力女超人 A woman can dream, no? Even a pregnant one... ESPECIALLY a pregnant one!

Fun fact: did you know Gal Gadot was pregnant when she was filming WonderWoman?! Now THAT is my super hero! 你知道嗎?Gal Gadot 拍神力女超人的時候懷孕第二胎!這個才是真真的女超人!

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My action hero.

wesurvivedthehike #sliddownonourbutts

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nerdpride Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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?? BUMP!

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