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We survived the Escape room, with 6 minutes to spare and $3 million "dollars"!!! 有一點困難但是我們後來成功了密室逃脫!What are @instageorgey and @reedtx doing....?

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The "after" picture of our steak dinner in TEXAS!!! YEEEEHAWWWWWW!!! Good to be home!! 終於回德州了!..... 第一站:吃!牛!排!

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For fans of Netflix The Crown and James Corden of The Late Late Show with James Corden #carpoolkaraoke .... :):):) Such a good show! 好好看的影集喔!近距離聽演員Q&A真的很酷! @Academy of Motion Pictures Los Angeles Events

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陳彥博 Tommy Chen 加油!你是我們的驕傲!Ultramarathoner Tommy at it again!! Good luck my friend... you never cease to amaze me!

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So today, I woke up feeling moody, grumpy and fat. Pregnant and fat. My stomach is getting quite big, my butt is sagging, my waist (what waist?) and my hips are spreading out like melted butter on toast. 今天,我起床的時候心情很不好 - 我覺得我好胖、我的肚子超大 、我的屁股往下垂了, 我的腰(對,懷孕還要什麼腰?!) 和我的骨盆已經往橫向生長了,好像溶化的奶油吐司!

And then George reminded me that I'm creating a human inside my body and that is such a strange and bizarre miracle that only women are capable of, and I felt slightly better. Still feeling super sized, but better. 不過這時候George提醒了我,我可是正在孕育一個生命,而這是只有女人可以做得到奇妙且詭譎的美妙奇蹟。聽了George...Read more

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海芬的大明星小跟班,生日快樂! 40 is the new 20啦!?? 恭喜你出新書了!??

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Just because... I think the world needs something cute to look at right now. 感覺現在的世界需要一點快樂可愛的事...這個送給你們!

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Hellloooooooo LA!! I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!! 洛杉磯,我回來了! @instageorgey

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You are my happy @instageorgey


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Model, violinist, author, actress, polyglot, travel glutton.

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