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Belly view from the front and the side.... #catnotimpressed 肚子前面跟側面的角度 ... 貓咪無動於衷 #secondtrimester #我的中文對嗎 ????

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Maturity at its best. 我好像沒有什麼變啊!

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Yup George Young -- I think we have to name our baby "Christian" now... or maybe "Slater"... ? thanks Christian Slater for the awesomeness and the photo! 我們一直不知道要叫小孩什麼名字但是今天認識了 #ChristianSlater 之後,好像有一點靈感喔! ?????? 有人在看 #MrRobot 嗎?好看!Mr. Robot

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Yup! My mom's still excited to be a grandma alright!! ???? 好像我媽咪還是很期待當阿嬤!哈哈!#thatface #18weekstogo #ohmygodiamgoingtobeamother

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I've started to sleep with a pillow in between my legs to help with any soreness in the back and in my hips... (and with a cat on my belly for snuggles and to make George Young @instageorgey jealous ?)

應為肚子越來越大所以我要側躺睡覺,也開始要枕頭在我腿中才可以避免腰背酸痛... 也順便開始加一隻貓在我肚子上...為了讓George吃醋.?

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Family is everything! ❤️ 家人=愛! #22weeks

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Pregnancy Week #22 孕婦日記第22周

Pros: 好處 Lots of energy! I've been hiking, swimming, yoga-ing, pilates-ing... even flying all over the place, from Taipei to LA to Houston back to LA and I feel GREAT! Exercise has been very good for me, keeping me in shape, feeling good and energetic, and helping me sleep better at night.. so my advice: just keep on movin' ????‍♀️??‍♀️ 依然充滿活力!我還是愛爬山, 做瑜珈,皮拉提斯,游泳等,且都沒有問題!同時我也還是飛來飛去, 從台灣到LA到我老家(德州休士頓)再到LA, 精神和體力都沒有問題,一點也不累! 所以得到了一點小小心得,建議大家:真的要多運動才比較有精神,身體比較不會酸痛,睡的也比較好。 簡單的10分鐘也好, 只要能多動就是運動。

Cons: 壞處 I've finally...Read more

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台灣的朋友,大家都安全嗎?家人朋友們都沒事吧!小心一點! 希望狀況快恢復正常!! Reading the news about the torrential rain and flooding in Taiwan has me concerned! Please take care and stay safe everybody! Sending you ❤️ from abroad!

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謝謝 媽媽寶寶-懷孕、生產、育兒 的採訪跟我人生第一次拍時尚媽咪照片! Loving my new cover for #MomBaby magazine!! Never thought it would be possible for me to be a stylish mommy, so thanks for making me look good!

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