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You're never too old... or young... to start learning! ??

人的潛力是無窮的! 活到老學到老... ?????

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I don't know if it's because I'm jet lagged or what... But I can't stop giggling. I mean, pipplinp ? https://t.co/DPnYGlMdem

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Happy Father's Day George 父親節快樂! @instageorgey Egan想送你他人生的第一句話.....

baba #pbthththth

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Look what I spot on the @breezecenter billboard!!

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如何量腰圍: How to measure your waist:

  1. 找一個夥伴 Find a partner
  2. 熊抱你的夥伴且確保你的腳環抱在他身上 Bear hug your partner, making sure your legs are around their waist
  3. 量一下你環抱在夥伴身上的腳長然後將數字乘以4/5π^3.1415 ÷ 89 • 97/6% 就會是你腰圍的數字(?!) Measure the length of your legs around your partner and multiply that number × 4/5π^3.1415 ÷ 89 • 97/6% = waist size

或者是 Or

  1. 前往7-11Head to 7-11
  2. 索取免費量尺 Pick up a free measuring tape
  3. 量腰圍 Measure your waist.

8/9量腰日!8月是你該好好正視健康腰線的月份:男生應小於90公分,女生應小於80公分 August is the month to make...Read more

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Pic 1: Check out Mom and Dad on all these magazine covers!! 看看我爸媽拍了這麼多封面!

Pic 2: Wait a second..... Is that me?! 等等。。。那個是我嗎?!

Pic 3: (checking checking checking...) (確認當中....)

Pic 4: It IS ME!! Forget Mom and Dad.. LOOK AT ME!!! I'm a model ... You know what I mean. #imtoosexyformyshirt 真的是我也!不要管他們,看我!看我!

@instageorgey @elletaiwan @festivaldecannes @mombaby_tw @breezecenter

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Nope, haven't worked out in awhile Yup, time to stop my butt from melting into my thighs.

我的媽呀,屁股好酸喔。 Thanks @andreaxtendbarre for the great class!!

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Nothing but love in this picture. ❤️ 照片裡有滿滿的愛

Ok. Maybe a little bit of drool. Love and drool. 好吧,愛跟口水。

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Janet: Egan is always looking out the window, wanting to explore, go on his next adventure, travel the world! He's definitely my son. [一根]很喜歡往外看,想要探索地球,挑戰新的經驗,擁抱世界。她絕絕對對是我兒子沒抱錯

George: He's look at his own reflection. 他這是在照鏡子看自己。

Janet. Oh. Right. He's definitely your son. 好啦........... 他是你兒子。

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啊~吃的內?! Where's the food on this train?!

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