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Thoughts on album

Its been 10 days, I'm officially a Recording Artiste. There had been a clash of events on 27th August with the Singapore Presidential Election, but I still managed to achieve over 100 attendees to come for my Album Launch. I can't be more blessed than this. My album was launched in K-Union, a brand new event location at Kbox Cineleisure lvl 8. Everything went pretty smoothly though I had been nervous 12 hours before the kickstart of the event, and at least for the first 15 minutes of it. I thought I screwed up two songs! Whats been going through my head all along was this:

Starting from a simple 3-person-drinking session, this project had been growing and becoming more and more possible, till the arrival of this day. the day where I realized my dream by myself. The saying is true. You gotta chase your dream yourself, not seat around and wait for things to happen.

I worked hard to make it happen. The 3 months of zero-income hectic schedule was worth it. Jae, your own album. Is here.

I'm grateful to see so much supporters. Be them family and friends, or my long term supporters, or people whom I've never met in my life. Especially the latter, I'm so glad to see that there are actually supporters who are willing to come down to show support to someone they don't even know. More pictures available at the picture folder above :)

The autograph session was great. I may feel very tired over that but the satisfaction was there. For those who had left earlier, actually I gave an encore song just before we wrap up and leave.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wY7kE9ABtwFor those who knows Japanese, please don't laugh at me. I totally got the lyrics wrong. And for those who don't know, please ignore the above sentence :) Thanks again to my sister Jessica for doing on-the-spot-unrehearsed backing vocal!

Too many thanks to give. I may be the entire project's organiser myself, but there are things that I simply can't accomplish on my own.

My Music production team Eddie, Norris, Neil, Kevin, and not forgetting my teacher Fei Hui Lao Shi.

My Music Video production team Cherlyn, Eugene, Mavis, Andy, Andrew, Jason, Paloma.

My EP Launch behind the scenes Victor, Pamela, Lora, Winnie, Haiwen, Steven, Xavien, Evangeline.

My artiste management and recording company William, Mr Osman, Joseph, Irene, Serena.

My sponsors SaraShantelle, Haru, KBox and Alivenotdead.

And of course, special thanks goes to Mio, Leo, Wenjun, Edric, Francis, my family and F4 Family. I will be at Johor Bahru KSL City this Sunday 11th September 8pm for my album promotion. If you are there, come by and show some support! Thanks!

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Bleupluie 89 sono
you have very supportive fans!!!! so this was what you meant by bad Japanese on twitter...it's alright, i don't know the lyrics either, haha!! *applause* on to my autographed CD, how am i gonna get it? =D
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Jae my friends and i had fun that day and is really nice ur ep album is out. Really nice to see u and finally meet u in person not on facebook or AnD website. Take Care. Have u recover from ur flu.
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yes esther i did. thanks.
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