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SPOP x 新谣

Been a little crazy about Nintendo DS and had been playing all day long that i've forgotten about my blog! OMG! I'm glad the previous post had generated good response! Thank you for your supports!

I wonder if anyone here remember some old retro games from nintendo gameboy like Contra and Super Mario? These are a few of the so called retro games i've been playing. Haha. good to look back to the kiddy days.

I've attended Singapore Heritage Festival: Sound Stories from Xinyao on Friday at Vivo City with Clement and 司马哎呀. Its great show with both veteran performers from the Xinyao times such as 郑展伦, 潘盈, 新谣小组 野鸽子, and of course, my teacher 黎沸挥, to new generation performers 陈铿百, Jeremy 关镜瀚 and Jeff 谢子伟. Hosted by our very own DJs, also part of Xinyao times, 玖健 and ‘李连杰’ 蔡礼连.(we nicknamed her 李连杰 because we always address her as ’礼连姐‘). Guest appearance was my favourite Mr 梁文福!  i was like sooo excited to see him la! I really like the songs he wrote ok!

Pity no photo-taking was allowed during the show and I didn't get to take any before the start of the show. And the only Picture I took on my Camera, I looked like @#%$&!!

But hey! I'm very lucky to have been able to take a picture with Talented Wenfu laoshi! Shall post it here to show off even I didn't look good. Haa!

Overall, I really did enjoyed myself at the whole event especially hearing all the beautiful songs from Xinyao times and at the same time, learning 'new' songs that I've not heard before. Xinyao really shouldn't have been become part of 新加坡文化遗产. It still lives in the heart of Singaporeans who walked past the era of late 80s, and at the same time, passing on to the youngsters like us today!

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hi. I don't play much with DS but I'm so good at "new super mario" :-P now I sometimes play nintendo Wii.
about 12 years ago
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haha u mean the one with the coin system? and has the mega mushroom that makes u ultra size? i like tat too! damn cool. destroy!!!
about 12 years ago
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yes yes! that one. like that? I know all the back stages:-P ultla size me! destroy everything cleaned up all my stress. I don't know why but I have to pull out this mario once in a while..hehe
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