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I like this commercial. Anorexia may be a more complexed word to use for eating disorder. But in today's society everyone is going for slimming, complaining that he/she's too fat and need a diet etc. People, face reality. Its not that bad as what you think. You'll always look better with a little of chubbiness? I mean, look at the chubby model in the ads, isn't she cute too?

Of course, most of us are just plain vain and not to the point of Anorexia. My advice is to listen to what the others tell you. If you're not fat, you're not fat.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94c43AlwLKo&feature=related

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good advice ~~ very true...people who are anorexic usually have a blurred sense of reality. & u should take a picture of urself doing a facial ~ funny faces lol
over 11 years ago
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It's true! In Japan the word "Metabolic Syndorome=over weight"is buzzword for this year.Slimming stuff is now big business.As you say we have to face reality:)
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
wow. amazing commercial!
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this is a really great idea!!! i mean i've got a friend who was a serious anorexic and being in this generation and slightly chubby makes me do things just for the sake of it. not too much thou. i get really lazy. it's the society and unhealthy mentality that's bruising everyone. eewww anyway i can't help but notice the differences in the video ie the towels when the gal is apparently looking at her own image? ooppss sorry, just a passing comment. LoL!
over 11 years ago
Dsc 1374
jaymee whats with the towel? hmm.. maybe the slim model's right hand is shaking too casually when the chubby model's left hand didn?
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