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No Party on New Years Eve

Hi AnDers!

Its a brand new year! Did everyone went for AnD Countdown Party? Or a party of your own?

Well for me, its pretty much like a reunion dinner-style, We're gonna do it a month later again anyway, but I really enjoyed my dinner. I ended up in Guangzhou on 31st Dec from Macau to have dinner with my Patenal family at Yau Seng Hei.

Pretty nice place. Before the dinner, I was sharing a brochure for TKAMockingbird with my family. Sadly only my eldest cousin and his wife reads english. The rest would just be looking at pictures.

Seems like I'm more busy sending out new year messages.

With the passing of my matenal Grandpa (2009), and patenal grandpa (2001), I've learnt to treasure family more. I love you Grandma. You're beautiful.

Exotic food  for the last meal of the year. Alligator Turtle Hotpot with Chicken!

Eldest cousin Joey working on the Turtle pot. His wife Sharon.

Another exotic food, Some kinda Super buffed fish!

We headed back to Grandma's place to have a cosy countdown from the TVB broadcast. Once again, Happy 2010!

Will blog about Macau trip next. Stay tuned.

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Oh wow...reunion is better I wld say :D
over 10 years ago
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very nice. Happy New Year!
over 10 years ago
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Happy 2010 , too!^^
over 10 years ago
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a a
will u be free on the 8th? wanna grab dinner/a drink? coz i'll be off to jp on 9th ffor one week :P
over 10 years ago
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have look of husband and wife very much 夫妻相哦...very sweet..
over 10 years ago



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