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Have you ever got the experience of losing something so important to you in your daily life, like handphone or wallet, or in another words, data?

Its always a hassle when you lost any of these and you'd end up losing critical informations. Eg. for handphones, important contacts, some which you might never be able to get back again. Or you'll need to go through the torturing process of mass-sending msn msgs or facebook to tell the whole world that 'I've lost my handphone, please sms me your contacts again'.  Damn.

Or maybe losing your wallet? Well depending on what you keep inside, some includes namecards, credit cards, Identity card, bus card and not forgetting that favourite family photo/girlfriend photo you keep inside. Its lots of money involved and you might not even be able to get back another of the photo which is of sentimental value.

Followed by the trojan horse attack on my lappy and some stupid acts of mine and Clement to delete some suspected files on C:/windows, was tragically death sentence of my windows. I'm really lucky to had my hard disk still untouched and managed to transfer all the datas out before formatting the laptop, and finally transfer everything back. Worse had happened to me before few years back when my hard disk failed, my back-up harddisk-like media player failed me at the same time, and I ended up loosing everything that are of lots of sentimental values to me over the years.

People just seem to take things around you for granted. You can just throw your phone onto the bed when you got home, knowing clearly how damaging it is to the gadget. And regret doing it when your phone is spoilt.

As of now, everything is back to normal on my lappy, but still have lots of software to install and settings to adjust. Sigh... gonna get busy. Meanwhile, lets just smile real bright for the day like what me and my sibling used to do!

Sorry sis for cropping your face

This is abit ugly. but i like it. Ha!

Good night everyone!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya, that's scary! i backup everything once a month just in case...
about 12 years ago
Photo 96013
Good pic!makes me HAPPY feeling:))
about 12 years ago
Photo 67318
cute..happy family!!!
about 12 years ago



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