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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hih4m61kJ4

Finally been able to get hold of this music video. Its a project I had worked together with Local Talent managing firm for a short time for Fund raising for the Szechuan earthquake disaster few months back. Found it a really meaningful project to participate in. Too bad I was pretty busy during that period of time and wasn't be able to be active on helping out, but cheerios to everyone who made th effort to sell the cd of  爱无极限 Specially thanks GengWhye and William for putting in so much effort to make it happen!

Anyways, Its been awhile since i last blogged. I've moved house and also preparing for alot of upcoming events, Sch performances, Esplanade performances (see announcement) and possibly doing some acting soon! Haha gonna hit the big screen as well as tiny boxes at home. Cool!

Everybody is so into Beijing Olympics. Poor me didn't even get to watch the opening ceremony. When i'm more free i'll definitely go watch it!

Tomorrow is the much awaited Natsu Matsuri in Singapore! I go for it every year! so full of fun! hehe. Enjoy everybody! time to sleep!

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Good job Jae..!!!Good luck 4 ur new CD and music video and the opening ceremony just so awesome..hihihi ^^
over 11 years ago
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very nice music
over 11 years ago
Photo 55237
very nice music
over 11 years ago
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Oh... wow cool songs... thanks =.=
over 11 years ago
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sounds you're working very hard. good good good~~:)) enjoy natu maturi(夏祭り)today?
over 11 years ago
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over 11 years ago
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wish i could watch the MV but i'm in a cafe right now...haha I guess when I get home! I actually didn't see the olympics either but only because I don't have any channels on my TV (it's broken >.<) I did catch some sports online though. good luck on your events! take care~
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