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AZIATIX Official Launch!

Hi Everyone!


AZIATIX has been officially launched as of 3/23!


For those of you unfamiliar with AZIATIX, It's basically my new music label. It's always been a dream of mine to have a music company geared towards the worldwide market...yes...that includes the US. I've been fortunate enough the past year to partner with a great company in Korea and we are teaming up to develop what we think will change history forever...People have always had a hard time breaking into the Western market mainly due to the obvious reason..."language barrier"...That's why I've always wanted to have artists who are fluent in English as well as their native language and have the capability to go back and forth from all areas of the world...and AZIATIX is just that...We want to show Hollywood that our community supports our music and that our community can represent a huge demographic for Hollywood marketers...


We currently have 3 artists lined up...FLOWSIK (who is by far one of the best rappers I've ever heard and have been a fan on Youtube for years), Eddie Shin (a great singer/songwriter from Boston), and Nicky Lee (who is already well known in the Mandarin music scene). All 3 are separate artists but will feature together for the opening teaser song called "GO"...which will release on iTunes 3/28...Be sure to cop a copy when it hits the stores! Let's help the boys chart on iTunes!


Here's a video of the teaser...Help by reposting...retwitting, etc. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W71ci-SvVGM

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Always got love for the Alive Not Dead fam!
about 12 years ago
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about 12 years ago
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great sound! nice video!
about 12 years ago
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SIIICK!!!! makes me wish I was a singer, just to be on your label! Let's make some sick music vids duuude!!!!
about 12 years ago
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Cool stuff!
about 12 years ago
Right on! Good Shit and you are doing the right thing. It's time!
about 12 years ago


Welcome to my page. Thanks for all the support! Check out my blogs. I will be updating it frequently...Much luv! "Go where you are celebrated...not w

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