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A New Year resolution I'll really try to keep

Happy new year, long time no blog~ Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday!

Like most people, every year one of my New Year resolutions involve exercising more to stay healthy and in shape.... and then a few workout attempts later forget all about it.

This year, it's even MORE important that I keep this resolution to exercise regularly because I've had so many health problems last year (some still ongoing) that, with doctors' orders, require that I exercise regularly to help with recovery. Forget about "No pain = no gain", for me it's now "No exercise = more pain". =P

But I have a good feeling about this year because I plan to do exercises that I actually enjoy and will look forward to doing...

First, there's yoga. I love doing yoga, but had to stop taking classes 8 months ago first due to my yoga studio shutting down, and then for health reasons I had to stop doing yoga completely. I'm hoping I can start it up again in a few months.

Second, there's swimming. I used to swim in high school (not that well, but still...), but since then have stopped. Recently, I had a few chances to get back in the pool and realized how much I enjoy swimming and that I miss it. Since swimming is a doctor-recommended exercise for me, it'll be perfect timing for me to get back into it regularly this year.

I also just learned to swim the breaststroke, so I'm excited to practice it more. So far, it takes me a million strokes to finish a lap, but I'm sure there's a more effective way to move farther in the water per kick. I tried looking for some good instructional videos on Youtube but I was only able to find one video that was somewhat helpful. Any advanced swimmers out there with any breaststroke tips? ;)

Here's wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2009!

P.S. Can't wait for our new American president... in just a few more hours!!!!

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Oh, now you're making me guilty :)
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hey ivy! one thing to do is to sign up for a competition of some sort... might be a 10K run or something (the thing takes about an hour or so, but still needs training). that way, it's a reasonably good motivator. ppl have mixed feelings about running, but if u think of it as fast walking, might make it easier... haha.
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Hi Ivy! Yeah, I haven't been to the gym either in a long time! I've been taking dance classes now and then...but it's not enough to get fit! Swimming is great! Especially if you had some health problems. xox
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IVY~ yes, swimming is the BEST. I did that for a while but it is not easy to find a clean pool around here. It works everything. I just learned the breast stroke 2 years ago also. I just kept practicing and it got a lot easier.
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