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VICTOR, the boss....

snow !!!!!!! :O

he is taaalllll!!!

Ukraine wushu champion, Alona and Alex!!!

i love snow!! but so coooolllldd!!!!!

the kids there is so funny.... very full of passion!! they are handsome and beautiful!

i miss u guys!!! very fun place!!!

this is cheese, taste like salt! :)

Thanks to AND, i met Victor... and can have fun trip there.... so faaar from my home..!

2 hour from home to airport....13 hour in airplane,6 hour in Holland transit, 4 hour again in airplane..... 12 hour in the train, 2 hour in the car,.... then i get there!! :)

i want more tour!!!! more faar more better!!! :D

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about 15 years ago
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Uahhh... fucking cold there!!!
about 15 years ago
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hi boss! oh, at least I found Ur blog about Ukraine! haha, thanks Diana ! she saw it and told me!:) miss U boss!
about 15 years ago
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hi bro ,it seems that u have fun in ukraine ,hha, these days i will prepare new bisai in china ,these days i had dinner with wudi and weijian ,day day up
about 15 years ago
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:) oh, ye -we had fun. Gogi , like a real wushu athlete, is cool, funny and crazy:) we had special fun after drinking local hot wine in the cafe of the ancient castle (do U remember, haha- we had fun there:)!!
about 15 years ago


all martial art and wushu lover... nice to meet u! Gogi is a National Wushu Indonesia 1st champ since 1998, and a World Wushu 1st champ in Beijing 2007, and 3

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