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The Artifact premiere

I'm happy to announce that today was the premier of the movie "Artifact" of the great Ukrainian director Oles Yusypchuk! It was an honor for me to get the role in his movie and work together with amazing young Ukrainian actors as Bogdan Iusypchuk (Mr Ukraine 2014 and Mr World 2014), Elia Semonenko, and other famous masters of this industry

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Students' success

I'm happy to announce that Alecia Guseva, the winner of the Ukrainian Olympiad in Chinese Language, who I've been helping to prepare for National Chinese Bridge Contest won this contest and got the chance to compete in the World Chinese Bridge Contest. She got the 3d place on the World Chinese Bridge and honoured Ukraine.
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Students' success

I'm happy to announce that Bogdan Iusypchuk, famous Ukrainian actor, who I've been preparing for Mr Ukraine contest won this contest and got the chance to compete for the Mr World title. After just 1 month (we had only 1 month to prepare) of hardcore work and preparations - Bogdan took the 3d place in the physical military contest. It was tough as hell. After taking part in other competitions Bogdan became the finalist of the Mr World Contest and even got the title : Mr Congeniality.
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The Chinese Language Bridge Contest

Last week the " Chinese Language Bridge" Contest, organized by the Confucius Institute in Ukraine, took place in Odessa, Ukraine. It was a national level contest, competitors, who won their local competitions, were representing their local Confusions Institute branches and had to compete in 3 programs: introduction and the story of their life and role of the  Confucius Institute in it (in Chinese); Grammar/knowledge test (in Chinese); Talent contest. I'm happy to announce that the representative of the Kyiv C...Read more

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Happy Easter!

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Blog: Wednesday, Mar 5

Ukraine under military aggression!Russia is a threat for the whole world, not only for Ukraine!Join us and our fight for democratic values!

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Back to National Team!

I even didn't expect this day to come... but it came!  Today I got an official letter from the President of the Ukrainian Wushu Federation which informed me that I got my place in the Ukrainian National Wushu Team. Now I gotta prepare for European and World championships 2014!First time I became the member of the National Team in 2008...but didnt go for it. And now, after 5 years I AM BACK and ...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Oct 16

US Open Martial Arts Tournament 2013, New York City, NY, USA. For me, competing at European or World Championships are important. But, NYC - the city, full of legends and myths... Chuck Norris fought there,... Bruce Lee did his presentations... So when I got the invitation I was 100 % sure that I was going to go and compete. It was an honour to be judged by the legendary Master Chen, " The Pearl of Tai JI" and to get high scores from him and the board of judges.Concerning San da competition : it was amazing experience. I was...Read more

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Met my Coach

Its been a while I had no opportunity to go to my home town, but I made it last weekend. So, besides staying with my family - I was happy to meet and train with my Coach :  Ukrainian and World Bodybuilding Champion, The Oak from Ukraine,  Vadim Komarnitskiy

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Back to the competition stage

Im back to the stage, after 3 years of absence... it was AWESOME! I felt the hunger,...missed people...meet new one... even got good results![](/attachments/2013/03/19/18/28744_201303191842121.thumb.jpg)...Read more

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January 13, 2006
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