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The Artifact premiere

I'm happy to announce that today was the premier of the movie "Artifact" of the great Ukrainian director Oles Yusypchuk! It was an honor for me to get the role in his movie and work together with amazing young Ukrainian actors as Bogdan Iusypchuk (Mr Ukraine 2014 and Mr World 2014), Elia Semonenko, and other famous masters of this industry

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Congratulations to my kungfu brother Clark Tang with introduction to Martial Arts Hall of Fame !

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It felt good. 1st time I took this record and I enjoyed feeling the weight, pressure, challenge and how all my muscle fibers react. Now my goal is to make this 1001 pounds my working weight instead of just a record. More work to do! #challenge #champion #strengthtraining #strength #weightlifting #wushu #kungfu

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He is the one from Hollywood who is a real example for me. Hollywood is full of fame, fake, craziness, lies, opportunities, challenges, losers and winners, money and deep shit. But nothing must change us into non human beings. No matter who you are, what you do ... being human, being humble - this is what matters. Life is short , no time to waste on wrong stuff. Be happy !

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One of my favorite songs about true friendship, which I believe is the most important base of any relations between people

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New record taken : 1001 pounds 😎#blessed #martialart #martialarts #happy #wushu #kungfu #record #weightlifting #strength #strengthtraining #champion #challenge

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The greatest gift is to not just be coach or teacher , but to be a real friend for kids. When they share with me the most secret things I feel blessed ! Thanks guys! #wushu #kungfu #wushukids #wushugirl #kid #kids #martialarts #martialart #blessed #happy

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Wonderful memories :)

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Just found out that my friend David Ames shared his recent weight lifting results. 500lb (227kg) deadlift, 400lb (182kg) squat, 308lbs (140kg). I feel like wimp now ! Gotta catch up! Happy Birthday Master David Ames

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Happy Anniversary Kancho John Chang !!! Hugs !!!

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harmony in me-> love in the family-> order in the nation-> peace in the world


January 13, 2006
Los Angeles, United States