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Thomas Hacikoglu

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Blog: Wednesday, Sep 12

Hello guys,

you don´t hear me for a long time but I didn´t stop working. Here is my latest project. It´s an short movie with some hard stunt´s and a little story around it. Would be great if you leave comment´s or share it with your friends.

Thank you guys


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G9UqEf5Ngc

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Kenny vs. Me

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDJycfcMREo This is a fight between Kenny and me. We shoot this one night before my operation on my ankle. There will be an alternate cut also. I will blog it next time here. For more information read the description on Youtube. Please comment...




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Stunt diary

Find the reason why the Stunt Diary stops! :-)))

Merry late Christmas and a jippi ai yeah New Year.

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Stunt diary Update

Hello there,

just a little update that you know what´s going on. I can´t train in the right way to have a good workout for the Register. I won´t be able to work for that till next year. When I start again I will continue the blogs.

Till then you can find me also on Facebook


or just type my name Thomas Hacikoglu

Hope to see you there

Till then


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Stunt diary 96th & 97th week

Hello guys,

the diary stops here. I have to move to Berlin and that´s why I can´t train in a good period. When I´m in my new city I can continue the training. Right now it makes now sense.

Bye till then

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Stunt diary 93th & 95th week

Hello guys,

you see the distance between one and another blog is longer and longer. It´s because I have to move to Berlin and I can´t do the training every week now. It´s to expensive. Have to live in one place and then it will work. On the other hand I have a lot to do right now. I working on the Musketeers 3D. New Paul Anderson movie. There are a lot of fight scenes in there and it´s a lot to do. Look forward to this movie, these scenes are great. Hope they shoot and cut it that you can see the work.

My tumb...Read more

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Stunt diary 91th & 92th week

Hello there,

start riding! Hard shit!!! That brings my aim far far away. Also that I move a lot right now from Berlin to Nuremberg. Can´t do swimming every week because I need to go to a  swimming group because that´s cheaper. Can´t pay everytime for swimming. Too expensive. Also can´t plan my training right now because maybe I have to move to Munich for a big movie. The infos come very short and I need to be flexible. Good on one hand because of money. Very bad on the other because of training and collecting my days...Read more

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Stunt diary 89th 90th 91th week

Sorry guys,

I did´nt wrote for long time. There we´re to much stuff happened here!

First about the Stunt Register:

It does´nt work! I called them and they told me the compination I want to train does´nt work! Really awful!!!!

I can do Wushu, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Climbing, Horse Riding!

Wushu is a problem because of my ankles right now. Need to be careful and because of that can´t train high performance Wushu!!! Also with Trampolining! Gymnastics I can train b...Read more

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Stunt diary 87th & 88th week

Ni Hao!

Training:Just Handstand and some swimming time. Doctor says to me I have to do a break. Had them! My ankle has blood in it and that needs fucking time!


Jobs: Had a shoot for the german TV show Lasko on sunday but it´s cancelled for me!

Had my ankles! Can´t give all!

Here are my Demoreel on Youtube because I got few request´s  that they can´t the it on Vimeo:

Feel free to comment on Youtube.... Video: Read more

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January 6, 2008