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E.V.E.N.T presents SPEAK UP! 30 December 1stHong Kong’s original artist networking night will be celebrating it’s 30th birthday. We will be showcasing the very best performances from the last 2 years @ HK's trendy and stunning new venue Shore Bar.

This is a FREE EVENT - feel free to bring your friends!

This Months Line Up:

Beat Trix- Dance troopEstablished in 2008 and based in Hong Kong, BEAT TRIX is a collaboration of dancers from various dance crews and individuals. This time performing for Speak-Up, we'll have various dance styles, house style performed by StyleRene, Noel and Kelvin.K from G4, break dancing by Travis, Matt and Hung from 2Phat and locking with the whole crew with Peapops. 

BEAT TRIX means "Give us the Beats, and we’ll bring on the Trix!"

Brought together by our shared passion for dance and music, we are committed to experimenting, innovating and pushing boundaries - but most of all, we’re all about having fun!

Gretchell-Singer/ song writerBorn and raised in Hong Kong with Chinese and Filipino heritage, Gretchell M. Yanezas original style is a soulful combination of World Music, Latin, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, RnB and Dance Hall. Gretchell continues to dazzle crowds with her singing and live performances ''Its like theatre in a box, you play and explore different characters within you through your vocal chords.'' she claims. ''I am inconsistent even to myself, I love all the different roles I can play, I am a Curiosita and I am committed to testing my limits within the creative industry.

Gregory Moore - Singer/Songwriter"..I am a songwriter that has not written a song in years...I improvise until words stick...The concept of this project is to let the songs write themselves... Lately I have been focusing on a variety of ideas that deal with the mystery of the human soul; be it a killer on death row, a prostitute or a schizophrenic...and I also do less heavy stuff (Love songs etc...). I spend most of my time singing on the streets, abandoned beaches as well as the mountaintop hoping to find something sacred..."

Tanya Bennett- Illustrator"Tanya is a British fashion illustrator and artist based in Hong Kong. Using traditional, digital, and mixed media platforms, she uniquely mixes art and fashion illustration to explore and celebrate the beauty within all women, even if they don’t quite fit the norm. Each image is labeled with its own ‘Doris’ moniker - ‘Rainy Day Doris’, ‘Melancholy Doris’, ‘Winged Doris’... Bennett, their creator even has a Doris name of her own - ‘Pirate Doris’ - which in a way bonds the artist tightly with her art, like a mother to her slightly disturbed and malnourished offspring"

Tanya will be showcasing a selection of her most recent works. 

zero nOir - Fashion Labelzero nOir is a chic and sexy Australian fashion label. Designs come in small runs, limited editions and one off pieces, zero nOir is exclusive and individual. With a design philosophy for quality and detail, colour and print design, zero nOir is a must have for every fashionister girls wardrobe! 

Check out the clothes here:  www.zeronoir.com

Lucius Clark - VocalistLucius has participated in many music groups and choirs. It was at the Mississippi State University Jazz and Classical Choir where he learned to control his large voice – by fuelling it with emotion. Lucius has had extensive training in multiple genres of music since then, including everything from classical works to R&B. Coming to Shanghai gave him a taste of the fresh and experimental, it was here that he was able to try new sounds and to dabble in Rock 'n' Roll. Soon after arriving, he formed a band called LX with friend Maxime Lenik, and together they played big venues in Shanghai as well as touring across China, leading Shanghaiist to conclude that Lucius 'can sing like nobody's business'. After touring, Lucius then sang backing vocals for Indian artist Majit Lovelight in NYC. Within a few months, he decided that it was time to step out again on his own, to re-initiate his trip to Shanghai, and to finish what he had started

¨ ... In 2008 Lucius entered into an endorsement deal with Sennheiser China, a German audio technology company that provides equipment and service for Lucius’ microphones and in-ear monitoring system. Lucius composed his song “If You Believe” as the theme song for the charity organization OB China ( www.obchina.org), and performed it for the first time at an EU-supported fundraising event in Beijing in May 2009.



CYDI - Hong Kong based band - dedicated to 'coming up with something funky'.Jeffrey Anello

Manager, Singer, Song Writer

Jeff was born and raised in America. Originally from New York, he has been performing, acting, and singing since a young age. With an intense love for the arts he continues to peruse his passion of music and theatre with writing music and teaching drama. He happily calls Hong Kong his current home and now with new friends and colleges he continues to keep the dream alive of music and art imitating life. 

Zachary Stark

Songwriter, Producer, Mixer, Audio Technician 

Zach Stark, was born in America and raised around the world. He has been composing and producing music since he arrived in Hong Kong, but has spent his life on the inside of a studio. Currently living in Hong kong he is studying a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in graphic design at the new SCAD campus. 

Johnny Tang

MC, Song Writer, Artist

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Johnny attended The King George V high school where he found his love for music. While most kids in his year were listening to Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Sum41, Johnny found solace in hip hop. During his high school years he was heavily influenced by the sounds of such artists like Tupac, Nas, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Jurassic 5 and The Pharcyde. At the age of sixteen he moved to Seattle USA to continue his studies where he furthered developed his abilities in the realm of hip hop. In 2008 Johnny returned to hong kong and started working as a freelance MC for different clubs. Recently he and a couple of other rappers formed a collective under the name Yellow Boy ENT where they put out songs every week.

-----------------------------Elia Astorino - Musician Elia has just returned from Italy where he made the final's of the Italian idol competition, his vocal range and skills are really impressive for such a young performer at only 21 years, and with a very impressive wide ranging repertoire.

Elia is the only male singer of his kind in HK that classified as "Classical lounge" singing a wide range of modern and classic’s to include Jazz, Swing, Bossa, Soul and Opera. 

Mixing up the songs in Italian, English, Spanish and French. Names such as Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Alessandro Safrina, Josh Groban, Bing Crosby, Elvis, Elton John, Il Divo, Nat King Cole....are all on Elia's play list.

-----------------------------SoHuman - Heartgrey x Popper 88 - Beatboxer & DancerPopper88, the iconic popping dancer, HeartGrey, the number 1 human beatboxer in town. [SoHuman] is going to shut your iPod up, The most electrifying robot dance & beatbox performance, LIVE!

OPEN MIC SESSION - Artist's may promote themselves and their work during the open mic session

See our past E.V.E.N.T photos here by Elden Cheung: http://www.fotop.net/Gma/EVENT

Support the arts! Visit our website today![](http://www.alivenotdead.com/attachments/2010/11/26/13/63371_201011261322071.thumb.jpg)www.artisteventscompany.com

E.V.E.N.T commercial:  http://vimeo.com/8218074 To find out about castings & events join our E.V.E.N.T facebook group here:


Questions and working with us please email E.V.E.N.T @:info@artisteventscompany.comE.V.E.N.T. is  Kate Sullivan and  Re:Flex See you on Dec 1st - 


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