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Results of the Esprit Launch Party Band Search|Esprit旗艦店開幕活動樂隊搜尋結果

We hope you guys are getting ready for the Esprit Flagship Store launch on Saturday afternoon: We want to thank everyone who entered our band search competition.  Because of the short time window, we did not get as many votes as the Castings,  but the quality of the music submitted was very high.  The Esprit team selected their top 3 choices, but unfortunately one of them had a scheduling conflict, so they decided to give the remaining two bands some additional time on stage for a longer set. The two bands who will be performing on Saturday at the Flagship store event areGong WuandWhy Oceans!!   They should be on stage around 5:30pm beforeJun,at17and Chet Lam take the stage,   please RSVP to our event listing and come support all the AnD artists participating!  Gong Wu (L) and WhyOceans (R) |希望大家已經準備好參加今個星期六下午的Esprit旗艦店開幕活動: 我們想感謝參加樂隊搜尋比賽的各位。因為時間的關係,今次投票人數比Casting較少,但樂隊的質素都非常高。經由Esprit挑選的3隊樂隊中,其中一隊因時間上的衝突,未可能出席,最後決定加長其於兩隊的演出時間。 星期六將會在Esprit旗艦店開幕活動中演出的隊伍為江湖 (Gong Wu)及Why Oceans! 他們將會在Jun,at17,以及Chet Lam之前,大約下午5:30演出,請RSVP是次活動邀請,及出席支持有份參於的AnD藝術家。 江湖 (左) 及 WhyOceans (右)

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sweet! this should be a great event!
about 12 years ago
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Thanks Esprit HK ;-)
about 12 years ago
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Thanks so much guys! we can't wait to play it!
about 12 years ago


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