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Well well well|好好好|好好好

After 3 years, i finally quit the online game. 


Well, doesn't mean i'll be writing more blogs!

Just means i'll be writing more songs.  Alot more songs in fact.  Going back to what i love to do most.

And yes, Jerald and i are working on our new Swing album, should be coming out in June.

This new album is very different from our previous ones, in a way, it's for the mass, all i can say is, it's Pop, Love, and Haunting.

As for myself, i have decided since Swing won't be here forever, while we're here, i'm gonna do my best not just on the music production, but my duty as an artist. 

What does that mean? 

Well, i have been running and sleeping alot more, so i don't look like a fat boy next time i appear on screen.

Well, well, well, is all i can say, now that i'm not an online game addict, I'm finally, well.  :)

Thank you guys for sticking around for my  "once a year" blog.  Hope you guys are all doing well as well.







對我而言,Swing 不會永遠存在,但只要我們在一起,我都將全心全意不僅僅是在音樂創作上,更在履行





感謝留守在我久不更新博客的各位。願你們也一切都好。| 三年之后,我终于戒掉了网游。






对我而言,Swing 不会永远存在,但只要我们在一起,我都将全心全意不仅仅是在音乐创作上,更在履行






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well... all the best for u!!! :)
over 9 years ago
Good to "see" you Eric and welcome back :) Sounds like everything is "all good." Awesome. Don't be a stranger ;)
over 9 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
my brother just quit recently too. i never touched it since i know i'd love it too much. welcome back eric!! love your "condor heroes" mv's. =D
over 9 years ago
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Eric, happy to see ur update here. I do love your songs alott ! And congratulations on ur quiting the online game. I know that it's really hard to give up sth and forget about it totally.I know the feeling. Jerald and U are really talented artists,I love swing. looking forward to your new album! P.S. you are slim again now,right? haha
over 9 years ago
Photo 146585
haha, thanks all, yes, quitting is hard, but you know, the actual aftermath after quitting isn't hard at all, it's the actual thinking and all that leading up to the decision of quitting is hard. And when i finally made up my mind and close my account, i never look back. For those who cares, well, just prepare your mind and when the day comes, you'll know. You'll know a Change is coming.
over 9 years ago
Redgate profile
It's hard to let go hobbies that become addictions. Good for you!
over 9 years ago
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Leave World of Warcraft, and enter the World of Facebook!!! hahahahaa....
over 9 years ago
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hahaha..... congrats on quitting WOW :p. is not easy at the start but i am sure u can get use to it soon. cos its time for u to produce more good songs. cant wait for ur new album to be out. cheers!!!
over 9 years ago
Photo 479749
期待你的新專輯!~ 別太懶惰了.呵呵
over 9 years ago
it's like finally moving out of an apartment rented during the years spent at university... bittersweet I imagine!
over 9 years ago
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definitely gotta blog more too! :-D
over 9 years ago
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Wait for your new CD!!!
over 9 years ago
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over 9 years ago
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稀饭你滴歌 稀饭WOW
over 9 years ago
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x无人之境 好好好喜欢这曲子 网游 是魔鬼
over 9 years ago
Photo 478338
如果我在香港,我是怎么着都要做你的助理的 做音乐是件多让人觉得幸福又痛苦的事情
over 9 years ago
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over 8 years ago


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