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Life, love, relations........

After clicking on 'recent visitors' - read the first person's blog...

Had some relation on what i did today - since one of my friend's in hk recently broke up with his gf... after 8years of the making.

After leaving a comment on the blog, I wanted to write something that, probably not many people may read, and I hope maybe a few of the rest of you will understand.

In our lives we go through hard times. I've been through mine. In my beliefs, I don't look to walk through fire, I don't want to walk on hot coal but I choose, consciously and unconsciously to be smart enough to walk around it.

In many parts of my life I meet some great people, and I TRULY BELIEVE 100% that everyone is great.  That everyone has the potential to be and become more.  Because, in many cases in our lives, when we have to make a tough decision or when we go through our deepest challenges, these experience equip us with the tools to better deal with our future.

I mean, as we get older, and as we spend more time in this Earth, surely it makes better sense that WE get better at doing things than compared to when we first started out in life.  I mean, when we first started driving, from time and 'driving more' we get better - and I like this idea. As like my computer, my friend who actually helped to 'optimise' my computer - made it faster, more powerful, and more efficient in doing things compared to when I first bought it.  In fact, two years after, I have a better computer in every way. I like this idea. I like it because, as time goes on, there is no rule in any book to say that things do not get better.

We as people, humans, get to choose what to focus on, and focusing on the exquisite things our lives, through appreciation and a slight adjustment of perception can infinitely provide us with the tools to live a richer life.


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this was definitely written while sober :)
almost 15 years ago
Yungyungyu 9f image
cool i like ur blog entry.
almost 15 years ago
Yungyungyu 9f image
is 6-7 close to 8?
almost 15 years ago
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Totally!!!.... if you have a good "eye" or perception you can see that there is something beautiful in everyone!!! We all have potential, just a question whether we use it???
almost 15 years ago


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