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My Baby Girls

As I promised before... Here are my ladies...

I call them ladies coz I think all guitars are women....

Curvy, elegant and beautiful...

Here is my Tele Plus and My Jaguar under the flash

 Under O natural light...

Fender Jaguar Special HH made in Japan with Dragster™ pickups

Fender Telecaster Plus made in USA with Lace Sensor pickups

I've had the Tele since I was 18 and only recently bought the Jag in April...

Crap... look at the time I gotta get my arse to Macau to see Soler play at their CD Party...

see you all laterz soon...



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say hi to peter! :-D
over 16 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
I like! Jaguars kick @ss.
over 16 years ago


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