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Journey BABY!!!

If you haven't seen the news on the latest Audiotraffic blog....


Here's a classic tale...

We all know Ferdie and Glen's story of how they know Arnel (discovered on youtube by Journey and now singer of the legendary band)... They knew him way back in the day... But I bet you didn't know this... I sang with him!!! That's right!  I got proof my parents emailed me today!

That's Arnel in the middle... not the the one on the left!

Ooooooohhh that's old... It was on a New Years!  I was the only kid there and some how I got dragged on stage to sing 'Feed The World'.... Man why the hell am I posting this pic... The guys are sure gonna rip me a new one!  I wonder if Adrian ha a story linked to Arnel... perhaps Journey... maybe his first time was with the song 'Open Arms' ( click here to listen)  waaakakakakak!!! hahahahha!!! Seriously I dunno..

So yeah... I guess it's quite exciting to have the pleasure of opening for Journey...

It's really a miracle that Arnel got this oppertunity... It's definitly his deserved destiny... the guy is an amazing singer!!!  And... he gets to sing for his favourtie band!  It doesn't get any better than that!

I leave you now with a silly pic of me in my 80's style wallpaper bedroom.. Trying to be like Dad...  on the Trombone....


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Kevinli da kevinli
about 15 years ago
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are you the one on the right?
about 15 years ago
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haha cute!
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