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Henry Rollins hates dance music


And on that note... I'll be DJing this Friday with Wendy Wenn at Yumla for some little All Hallow's Eve festive party... DJ Fuckhead has left the building :)

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Photo 33427
Ignorance is funny both ways :) ... he hates it 'cause he doesn't like it ... I find his hatred amusing!!!
over 15 years ago
Djbam f8 djbam
speaking of richard d. james...that photo is mildly disturbing.
over 15 years ago
Photo 33427
Thanks Pat, will do ... have got a massive pile of new music, and Wendy is always fun ... should be a blast!
over 15 years ago
Photo 33427
Ha! Bam, it was unintentionally inspired I guess ... Aphex Twin rules the nut-house.
over 15 years ago
Jayfc 5d jayfc
He probably doesn't even hate it that much.. Just a stand-up comedian looking for material that might strike a chord with his audience. If he'd have truly hated it, you'd think he could have done something a bit more original and amusing. My dad did something similar about 15 years ago - only without a mic or an audience - just me. But at least he understood what he was taking the piss out of. Dude - that picture is really wrong. Although by the time I see you tonight you may well both look like that - through my eyes at least.
over 15 years ago


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