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The Ice Man got KO'ed... can you believe it...

Man! What goes up... must come down...

 I watched the recent UFC 88 event, where the main event was between Chuck the "Ice Man" Liddel and Rashad Evans.... And I have to say... I fell off my chair seeing the punch land... having been a fan of the ice man... it was heartbreaking watching him lose to Rampage... but this time... I almost wanted to cry...

The thing about Mixed Martial Arts is that there is no way to safeguard yourself from losing... the variables are just too difficult to control most of the times. It's not that Chuck was not a great fighter... in fact he's been one of the greatest for many years... but with MMA, the champ can get knocked out just as easily as the new guy in the sport...

For you fight fans out there... check out the clip courtesy of youtube...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPjikw7QIqY

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That's the second time he's been tagged while leading with the right uppercut. I saw it live. Evans' punch turned Liddell off like a light switch. He was unconscious for several minutes and they had to revive him with bottled oxygen. He couldn't have conducted a post-fight interview even if he'd wanted to, so they just led him out of the ring. It was pretty sad.
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