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向柏榮 Is still Da Man...

We had a great event last thursday night at the Hong Kong Contender Fight Night!

The turn out was better than we expected, proves that Heung Pak Wing, the local hero still has great drawing power...

He faced off against Zidov, a swiss champ in his own right, and a Contender Asia Finalist, but the main event that night was as one sided as it can get, Heung floored Zidov with the first kick he threw in the first round and it was down hill from then on for Zidov, taking a heap of punishment from the local favorite, and in the end, the ref called a TKO and stopped the fight after he ate an elbow that dropped him.

There is no doubt that Heung is da man, gave Zidov the ass kicking of the night. I am not sure what you guys think, but I think that was a huge mismatch.

In my opinion, the fight that followed the main event between Venooij and Askerov was the fight of the night and Hueng would have had a handful to deal with if he were to face Askerov instead.

Heung used to fight in the 130 to 140 pound weight class, putting on a good 15 pounds to fight in the 155 weight class. He looked cut up for the night none the less, but when you look at Askerov whose just as tall as Heung, looked like a mini hulk at the night of the fight. Regardless of his win against Zidov that night, I am not sure 155 is the best weightclass for Heung to stay in, having seen the size of the other 155's on the night.

Rather than seeing him win in an easy fight, I think the audience would have liked to see Heung get tested by a more worthy opponent like Askerov, whose kicks and punches against Venooij echoed around the stadium that night.

May be this one can be set up for next year's Hong Kong Contender 2... anyways, here is the final minutes of the main event, check it out...


Just wanna say thank you to Boon and Phat for supporting the event and inviting many of their friends and fellow artists from AnD to see the fights!


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Thanks man! I had a wonderful time... and yeah 向柏榮 Is still Da Man!!! Respect! Totally agree with u this is a biggest mismatch. haha!
over 11 years ago
Photo 25
Yeah man, Heung destroyed that guy!
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i'm sure boon loved it! i can't really handle it ... don't like watching people knock each other out....
over 11 years ago


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