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Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with???

As with these things, you can list any living or dead person, it doesn't have to be celebrities tho... the point here is that if you can make this happen, who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with, by stuck, I mean it's not going anywhere and no one knows you are stuck, so yeah, the emergency button don't work... so that way the person in there with you, have no choice but to talk to you...

say... for example... the girl who broke your heart awhile back whom you haven't seen since, you heard that she is now married to some guy who not only is handsome and makes more money than you, and the guy is tanned too, and you heard from friends that the marriage of 3 years is not going well, they didn't have any kids, so it makes you feel a little better cos she didn't carry Satan's seed... and you tried to look her up on facebook, but can't find her cos she has such a common name that you end up with 1262 people with the same names and even after you went through all them names, there are 236 who refused to post a photo of themselves, instead posted photos of their cats, their car or their toes in closeup... and you don't want to ask your friends for her details because she might find out from the friend that you asked about her and the last time you visited your home town, you drove by her house 3 times at different times of the day, only to find out that she has moved... and the old email that she used to have now belongs to someone who lives in Thailand and you know she would never move to Thailand... so there is nothing you can do and all you want to do is to ask her all the questions that you have been wanting to but couldn't...

so there is that... or...

If you could be stuck in an elevator with your high school bully, not that you want to beat him up or anything, just to let him know how you felt and find out why he hated you so much and to tell him that you have made a list of 116 ways that you could have killed him in the past 10 years since you both left high school, like locking him in the walk in freezer in the pizza place that he used to work at back in 1999 or follow him to the beach that summer of 2001 where he used to surf and slash the arteries in his leg to make it look like a surfing accident, because you know that he had on a previous occasion cut his own leg on his surf board and been hospitalized for it, so there is a record of previous injuries to prove that may be the second time it happens is also an accident...?

Not that these are my choices, obviously... I am not some crazy obsessed stalking murderer... I mean them are just examples...

of course you can say the usual... ask Hitler why he hated the Jews so much... or be trapped in the elevator with Angelina Jolie before he met Brad Pitt and tell her how much you love children from Vietnam and one day hopes to raise one...

So it's very different to the one about having dinner with anyone you want, cos with dinner, the person can get up and leave, and there are questions you can't ask at the dinner table... like why did you have to dress so slutty when we go out... or did you knowI once made a miniature coffin and head stone with your name carved onto it that I buried in my own backyard, just so I could piss on your grave every morning I wake up... you get my drift... questions that aren't appropriate at the dinner table...

so I am gonna have a long hard think about who I'd like to meet, cos you know those ones I put up there are just examples that aren't true... really, it's not...

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i can think of a few attractive models i wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator with, hypothetically several at a time. :-P
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