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"Smile For Me" @ the 2010 PIFAN Award Ceremony

The night of the Pifan NAFF Award Ceremony... We were very lucky to have won the NAFF Jury Award, since there are a total of 15 projects, with 10 coming from Korea, we were representing Hong Kong that night and came away with the award and a cheque for $5,000,000 SKW... for those of you who know the exchange rates, you can do the math... but I will stick to telling people I won $5 million...

Festival Director Thomas

Jury Representative Mr. Jonathan Kim

PIFAN Festival Director Mr. Kim Young Bin

Project Producer Ramy Choi giving her award acceptance speech...

That's me with the mic, trying to figure out what to say...

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Admin bear cimg7673
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Good job man!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
yay for ramy!
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