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Hollywood Remakes... Career choices... My eventual 4th film...

There's been word going around that Hollywood is planning on remaking the Korean film "Oldboy" for almost 5 years... first it was going to be Fast & Furious director Justin Lin, which seems like a very good choice...

But as the years passed, the remake project fell off the grid, then we saw Infernal Affairs being remade by Martin Scorcesee and go on to win Best Picture...

As of 2009, the Oldboy remake has fallen into the hands of Steven Spielberg, starring Will Smith as the title role. When I first saw this on imdb, I wasn't sure what to make of it... After all, it doesn't seem like something that suits Spielberg's style, then I re-watched "Munich" and thought, if this is anything to go on, then his version of the Oldboy remake would be pretty good...

What do you guys think?

I think that many new directors like myself always have a novel in their back pocket that they wish to adapt into a film they day they become more well known and have enough pull to be able to get the film rights for... so for me, I have always wished I could adapt**** "In the Miso Soup" by Ryu Murakami, the lesser known book from the author of "Coin locker babies"... "In the Miso Soup" is about an American tourist visiting Tokyo and hires a young local man as his tour guide, as their friendship grows by the day, so does the number of murdered prostitutes in the local area, the young tour guide starts to suspect that his client may be a serial killer... the book ends with one of the most violent I have read in words (way more over the top then American Psycho) that stretches on for almost 40 pages, full of bloody murder and mayhem...

Now I have always been fascinated by serial killers since my high school days, my first film was about two brothers breaking into the house of an old man, taking him hostage, they later found to be a serial killer...

Then I found out that Wim Wenders will be making the novel into a film with Willem Dafoe playing the American tourist. If you thought that Spielberg and Oldboy may be a bit of a mismatch, Wenders and Miso Soup seems that much more odd...

When you look at the careers of film directors, you see that their debut film is something very personal, then comes the sophmore effort which plays with structure and unconventional storytelling devices to show that they can direct a film in a non-linear structure, then comes the third film, with more budget and more commercial to prove their worth as a commercial director, then comes the fourth film which is the one that they try their hand at adapting their favorite novel... E.g. Christopher Nolan (The Prestige) Paul Thomas Anderson (There will be blood), Ang Lee (Sense and Sensibility), Quentin Tarantino (Jackie Brown), even David Lynch (Dune) for that matter... for me, Miso Soup has always been my fourth film I'd make when I get there, now that it's out for good... I will have to find myself another novel for that future forth film of mine... or may be... Mr, Wenders... if one day you decide to let the film rights to Miso Soup lapse or decide not to make it at all...

Do you think I could give it a go???

Now let's say Wim Wenders lets the film rights lapse and by the time I get to make my forth film, Miso Soup lands on my lap, I am sure people like me will be saying how bad a fit I would be with Miso Soup...

but seriously, Mr. Wenders... is this listing on imdb one of those, let's get the word out there, so that the distributors will go into a "bidding frenzy over the rights" like they did with "My Sassy Girl" or is this one of those "Ang Lee wanting to challenge himself with a genre he's never done before to see if he can make a breakthrough in his career and decides to make "The Hulk" with some overtly added daddy issues to make a comic book character more accessable to people who don't read comic books" type deal...?

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somehow i don't see this movie fitting will smith's image... but maybe that'll be a good thing...
about 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
you never know. give it a shot!
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