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Everyone needs to get Jack3d!!!

For all you lifters out there, if any... thought I would post this review of a new supplement I am using...

For me personally, being at the gym is a very pleasent experience, it's getting to the gym that's the hard part... I always need some encouragement, some kind of boost to get motivated to hit the gym. I have tried the old 2 cups of coffee trick, doesn't really help after 2 months, your body builds up the tolerance to the caffeine and the same goes for energy drinks, my 2 red bull fix phase lasted only a few weeks, all that caffeine only makes me wanna pee like every 20 minutes and what's worst is that you are losing a lot of water at the expense of turning into sweat, first of all it's bad for your kidneys and second of all, you end up needing to drink more water and feel bloated during your workout.

And yes, I have tried almost all of those "pre workout" "pump" drinks, N.O. Xplode, Superpump, Nano Vapor, most of these contains creatine in it and after a week or so using them, your body builds up creatine levels and every scoop you take after that, you end up pissing it out or giving you stomach cramps cos your body simple doesn't need any more creatine.

So I got off all stimulants for a month or so, giving me body a clean house process, for the month duration, I found out that even having my heart rate at 170, I can't seem to sweat...

Then someone at the gym told me about "Jack3d", and I did some research, you only need about 15 grams per workout and it is suppose to give you enough energy for 2 hours worth of lifting. After my first dose which is 3 tiny scoops, 10 minutes later, for the first time in my life, I experience what euphoria feels like... it was as if my eyes had widened, everything looks extra sharp and in focus, everywhere I look, I felt as if I was shooting out laser beams... it's about a 5 minute walk from my house to the gym and when I got there, I felt something dripping from my elbow, it was sweat, I was afraid that my heart rate was skyrocketing, so I jumped on a bike and start to slow peddel, and strangely enough, my heart rate was sitting at a comfortable 120 bpm, it turned out to be the best session I have ever, had, anything I picked up felt light to me, it was that day that I deadlifted 350 pounds for 10 reps... after an hour of lifting weights, I still felt great, so I went on the skiing machine and started churning, then an hour had gone by, I looked in the mirror and saw that I had sweated through my whole shirt...

The great thing is that this euphoric feeling lasted for another 3 hours after leaving the gym... and that night I slept like a baby... the next day, I was sore all over even in the body parts I didn't touch the day before...

As it turns out, the plant extract called "geranium" found in Jack3d, is a plant that has a very similar molecular structure to that of amphetamine, the only difference is, the natural herb has no synthetic qualities and it only stays in your system for a few hours tops...

For anyone looking for a boost to their workouts, give this a go, I even take half a scoop before I sit down to write in the morning, it helps me focus and the next thing I know, I have been writing for 4 hours non stop... the feeling you get is hard for me to explain, to put it in graphic terms, it's like that sequence in A Beautiful mind where Russell Crowe is looking at the board and numbers starts to rise out from the wall, it's like that, only this is happening inside my head, where ideas, words, phrases would come to me in rapid fire successions...

Word of causion, with all good things, it will only remain a good thing if you cycle it, so I am doing a one month on, 2 weeks off cycle, gives my body and mind a rest...

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Johnnylu f9 johnnylu
dude...this shit sounds dangerous but i think I want to try.
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