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Are there any Good Samaritans left in the world?

Couple of days ago, I was walking towards that huge flight of stairs outside the Mong Kok train station when I saw I'd say about 40 people stuck at the top of the stairs, everyone is moving at a snail pace down the stairs, it took a few minutes for me to get to the steps and then I saw what the hold up was about...

There was a woman in her 60's dragging a huge 2 wheeler piece of baggage down one step at a time... I watched as almost 20 people in front of me, side step around her, then making comments like, "hey old lady, you are in the way!" all the while men and women alike, walked right past her...

I was getting closer and closer to her and realized, it will be my turn to contemplate helping her or not... and when I got there, my mom's voice popped into my head... if that was me, would you lend  a hand to help... so right then and there I stopped, stepped up to the old lady and asked if she wanted my help... she looked at me, startled at first, and started speaking mandarin... so I reached for the end of her huge bag and pointed down the stairs, she smiled then said in mandarin, "Thank you, but please don't grab that part, get a hold of this metal part..."

Anyways, who am I to argue with her about the ergonomics of her bag and since I took Infotech instead of physics in high school, I did what I was told...

If you know the MK train station, you will know that there are two seperate flights of stairs, one leads to a bridge, another set leads down to the street... in my mind, I was being the good samaritan and helped the lady down the first flight of stairs... then at the end she stopped to take a rest... as did I... but just as I was about to leave, she turns and asks," are you ready ?" then I realize she wants me to carry the thing all the way down... then I heard my mom in my head again... so I did.

This is when this whole encounter gets weird... I carry the bag down the second flight of stairs, then it was time to part ways, she said thank you, I said you're welcome and she put her bag back on the two wheel tray and starts walking... I happen to be going the same way as her, so I followed behind her... for about 20 meters, I was walking at a 45 degree angle behind her and on 3 occassions she turned to look at me with this worried face, finally she stopped and said "Thank you, I am okay now, you can go..." so then I realise my presence was spooking her, so I walked a bit faster and took over her...

2 minutes later, we find ourselves, me and this old lady standing by a set of lights waiting for it to turn... when she looked up and saw my face, she literally grabbed her bag and moved it away from me shielding it with her body as if saying, you are not going to get my bag you thief...

naturally when I saw my mom the next day I told her about hearing her voice in my head and helped the old lady and end up being accused of being a would be thief... my mom's response was, to the old lady, almost 40 people walked past her at the steps calling her names, telling her to get out of the way... then comes a young man (me) who offers to help and even goes the extra yard of bringing her bag down a second flight of stairs... in her mind, she has to be thinking, why is this person being nice, and then a thought comes to her head, this guy must want to steal my stuff... and what's more, may be she didn't think she needed help in the first place, and when you offered by grabbing her bag, she was just trying to be nice to you..." my mom was making fun of me cos of my long hair... she doesn't actually mean what she said... but for what it's worth, it's mostly true...

So the next time I see someone who looks like they are in need of help, I really should ask if they want my help and stand there for a moment, let them judge me by my appearance then be polite about it if they decide to turn me down... afterall no bad deed goes unpunished and no good deed goes unquestioned...

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I lived in Texas for a few years, well actually, it was my formative years so you can say that I developed a sense of Southern Hospitality there. When I first moved to HK, I was shocked at the lack of ANY common courtesy amongst the locals. Simple things like leaving a door open for someone, holding an elevator, helping the elderly.. My faith was a bit restored when I see some people offer their seats to the elderly in the MTR but then smashed when the same seats aren't offered to a pregnant woman. Good job on helping. It just shows the state of the world we live in when the woman became so suspicious.
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interesting and mind provoking, and it actually prompted me to write an entry in related to this, it's kinda lengthy to paste the whole thing here, check it out on my page if you are interested.... :)
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