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Anderson Silva is a disgrace to MMA...

I had the misfortune of watching UFC 112 the past weekend and I have to say that I have never seen anything like it in my 10 years of MMA watching...

Anderson Silva the UDC middle weight champ went 5 rounds with Damien Maia who is a jujitsu master... Now that sentence alone would be shocking enough to any MMA fan... anyone going 5 rounds with Anderson Silva should be considered a hero in my book, and it's true... After watching this fight, the hero is Damien Maia...

For the first 2 rounds, Silva danced around the cage, taunting Maia and landing a few punches... but mostly he danced and taunted around his opponent... he never committed any combination of punches, never once tried to end the fight... he continued to wave his arms about, looking frustrated, talking out loud to Maia, telling him to hit him back... Maia is not a striker, we all know that, striking is what Anderson Silva is known for and during that fight, he singlehandedly destroyed his own reputation. To be truthful, Silva is a counter-striker, he waits till his opponents commits to throwing punches and he punches back, that's his way of winning fights... so when his opponent doesn't commit, you end up with 2 fighters being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to not commit...

For those of you still reading this and know nothing about MMA, this is real fighting here, not like boxing for points, MMA is exciting because there are hundreds of ways that a fight can end, but for this fight, it never ended...For the next 3 rounds, Silva ran away from Maia, while Maia tried to chase him down as the crowd booed and chanted the name "GSP" instead, a fighter that wasn't even inthe cage fighting... The way I related Silva's performance to life is this... if you love your job and love what you do... you should always be committed to fail as spectacularly as you can succeed... What I mean is that say if you are writer/director like me, when you write something or come up with a shot in your film, you need to commit yourself to the script or to the end product... because you are representing yourself out in the world and no one else... if you think you have a good script, then you should try to sell the shit out of it... If you think you have a great film, then show it to people... if in turn the feedback you get is not great, at least you tried your best, that way you get the respect from your audience if not praises... but what you can't do is write a script and let it sit in your computer, what you shouldn't do is tell people that the editor ruined your movie, or the studio marketed it in the wrong way... What I hate reading in interviews and articles about writers and directors is that they think they are ahead of their times, that the audience is not sophisticated enough to appreciate their work... let me tell you something... every possible movie scenario has already been made... there will not be any new storylines coming out period... every movie falls into genres and similar storylines from films of the past, it's how you present your film that makes the difference... What's worst is that after the fight, Silva told the press through his manager's translation that he thinks he did his job as a fighter, and that you can't please all the people all the time... in this day and age with the way media exploded over the web, I truely believe that you can make a piece of shit film and release it online and that piece of shit will find it's audience, however small it is... because there is no account for taste... but that's what being a Director is all about, it comes down to a matter of the taste of the audience... What I can say without any doubt is that no audience to a fight can appreciate someone like Silva dancing around his opponent trying not to fight for 5 rounds. That is a fact.

This reminds me of a funny video I saw, of director Uwe Boll fighting 4 bloggers who trashed his movies online... now here is a man in control of his own world. If you hate me so much, enough to write hateful reviews and wish cancer on me, then fight me...

here is that vid... Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swg4SshYx2E

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Nice write up. Gotta agree with you there - as talented a striker Anderson Silva is, he's lost a lot of respect from me (and many others I'm sure) as a person inside and outside the Octagon. His behaviour and actions were quite a disgrace indeed.
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