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RT @PlasticOceansUS: The team from @PlasticOceansCL will be doing a Q&A on #FacebookLIVE - this Friday evening for #WorldOceansDay: https:/…

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A Big Loss To The World of Oceans Filmmaking

Two weeks ago the world lost one its most charismatic documentary filmmakers, cinematographers, and guardian of the oceans and their creatures. Mike de Gruy was killed on take off in a helicopter crash in Australia as he was scouting for a new film for James Cameron with producer Andrew White.I met Mike for the first time in October in France. We had brought him onboard as a key cinematographer and to act as sub pilot for our mission to explore the bottom of the Mediterranean for plastic rubbish for the Plastic Oc...Read more

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On The Road Again

It's been months since I last blogged. That's not because I've had nothing to blog about. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Been extremely busy. We've been shooting in the U.S. in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and editing the trailer and promo to the Plastic Oceans film in Las Vegas. Locally, in Hong Kong, we just finished shooting a fabulous campaign for Shanghai Tang and we are doing pre-production for a campaign for Esprit, to be shot later this month. More to come on both when the film is edited and ready for release. I&...Read more

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Deep Water Mediterranean Shoot

Tomorrow I head off from Bristol to Nice, France, to begin directing the deep water Mediterranean sequences for the Plastic Oceans film, "Away". Thursday and Friday we will be filming free diving world record holder, Tanya Streeter, diving to around 40 metres on one breath. Tanya is a truly remarkable talent. She was the first woman to break a men's sporting record when she free dived to 160metres several years ago before retiring in 2009. Today, she is a presenter for natural history documentaries and tv series a...Read more

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Plastic Oceans Feature Film

After two years of pre-production, filming for the Plastic Oceans project finally kicked off in Sri Lanka on Monday. It's been a hell of a journey but I can tell you, seeing my first blue whale off the Coast of Marissa, in southern Sri Lanka, makes the entire project worth everything that has been put in to it. These creatures are amazing to watch. At around 30 metres, they dwarf the boats around them and make our underwater camera teams seem tiny in comparison. They are the largest animals ever to have lived on the planet. Th...Read more

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Plastic Oceans Feature Film Documentary

Next Saturday myself and my crew plus a ton of equipment fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to meet our UK producers for the first shoot in a round of seven shoots scheduled this year (before October!) for a feature film on the damage plastic is doing to our marine environment.

The working title of the film is "Away" and it's to be released theatrically in the U.S. in 2012. It will then be broadcast by National Geographic Channel on global cable release once it's done its rounds in the cinemas. The f...Read more

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Gafencu Fashion Editorial

We are knee deep into a new decade without a pause to get over the old one! My gosh. The mouse wheel of life spins faster and faster. Projects are already starting to pile up and the year ahead seems to be shaping itself. New and interesting projects, left of field, are keeping the creative juices flowing.

Projects from the end of last year are only starting to reveal themselves. Attached is a fashion editorial that was shot for Gafencu men's magazine for the Christmas/New Year's break. Not what I'm used to doin...Read more

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The House Of Dancing Water - making of.

Ocean Vista Films has produced a tv commercial for the highly acclaimed stage show The House Of Dancing Water.

The show cost US$250million, is hosted by the City Of Dreams and is produced by Franco Dragone, the man who brought to life many Cirque du Soleil shows.

The task we were presented with was to come up with two 15 second tv commercials in only three weeks before opening night. This meant that costumes were not yet ready, limiting what we could actually shoot; and we could only shoot certain scene...Read more

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CONGRATULATIONS AnD and the artists of Hong Kong!

A massive shout out to the guys at Alive Not Dead. Congratulations on your third anniversary.

And equally, a big hoorah to the artists in Hong Kong who are creating incredible exhibitions and making them easily accessible to the public.

Last night was AnD's third anniversary and the gang celebrated in style with a big, open party at Racks but the night began with two fabulous art exhibitions.

The first, the ufoArtgallery’s "Dead Art Comes Alive" exhibition  features arti...Read more

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Uranus' Triple Penetration Tour

The nationwide (island north) HK Triple Penetration tour of our favourite band, Uranus, goes on!

Uranus have been in the tour Bedford van all week getting all the way from Wyndham St to Lan Kwai Fong (some amazing tour stories that should never be shared).

Tomorrow night’s show is at the Cavern where we are the first band on (first is best right?) at 8.15pm and only playing a 20 minute set to help Chrissie launch the excellent new Underground CD so if you’re coming please don’t be late. There are some exce...Read more

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