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CONGRATULATIONS AnD and the artists of Hong Kong!

A massive shout out to the guys at Alive Not Dead. Congratulations on your third anniversary.

And equally, a big hoorah to the artists in Hong Kong who are creating incredible exhibitions and making them easily accessible to the public.

Last night was AnD's third anniversary and the gang celebrated in style with a big, open party at Racks but the night began with two fabulous art exhibitions.

The first, the ufoArtgallery’s "Dead Art Comes Alive" exhibition  features artists of different mediums spinning an ethereal take on life and death and the work is incredible. It has received well-earned media attention, including CNN and the popular Chinese press. The opening night was supported by a huge bunch of Alive Not Dead artists and generated amazing support for new talent in Hong Kong. It was good to see everyone there. Personally, I'm looking forward to Tanya Bennett's exhibition there on May 7 featuring her world of water coloured nude "Dorises".

Following on from that was AnD principal founder and creative genius Andrew Lin's exhibition opening at the Schoeni Art Gallery on Hollywood Rd. I knew Lin was a talented artist, but I didn't realise he was talented in fine art as well. His art pieces blew me away for their sheer, well, artistry. The underworld theme is rather dark but is juxtaposed by the comic characterisations of the key figures. And the different mediums that he works with (silk screen, canvas, wood) keeps the exhibition alive, active and multi-dimensional. His broad brush strokes belie the incredible detail and personally, I like this painting style over most others. Once again, his exhibition was heavily patronised by artists and crew from Alive Not Dead.

Combined with the highly acclaimed Simon Birch Hope and Glory exhibition on in Taikoo Shing at the moment, there's ample proof that art and art patronage is changing for the better in this multi-cultural city.

So, after Lin's exhibition it was then on to Racks to rock the night away and to talk about future collaborations. Congratulations to Pat Lee and the crew at Alive Not Dead on their third anniversary and to the artists and members who support the site, attend the functions and work hard to make great art accessible in Hong Kong. You are all creating the DNA for the future of art and artists in Hong Kong (did you notice DNA is AnD backwards?) ;+).

Onwards and Upwards.


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