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Jeanne's acting classes

 One of the best things a director can do is take an acting class. It isn't easy to get the time to do it but thanks to Jason Tobin refusing to take "no" for an answer, I was one of the lucky ones to benefit from Jeanne Hartman's two-day workshop. Kudos to the Alive Not Dead crew for backing this project and giving Jeanne and Jason plenty of "air" time on the site to promote it. Many of those who attended have already written about the benefits from an acting background. From a director's viewpoint, it's like being on the other side of the front line. The relationship between a director and an actor is all about communication and understanding each other. Better communication comes from having a thorough understanding of what each actor is experiencing at that moment you want their best performance (which is every scene). Anyone can act. But only a few have the talent to act well. Taking on a different persona and making people believe that you are someone else takes talent. Bringing that talent out in people requires an understanding of the craft. I don't think my acting improved greatly during the two days, but I think my skills as a director did. And being that type of personality who hates being bad at anything, I'm now motivated to improve my acting (ergo, my directing). But that's going to take work. Jeanne? We ain't done yet luv.

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You were also there!! Glad you had a great time. I hope I will be there next time!
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Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Craig! I'm glad I pestered you because I knew you'd get a lot out of it. Thanks for committing to the two days, I know you're a busy man. Good luck with ISHK!
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Craig, You are tough on yourself. Want you to look at what you accomplished. You fought the director's battle in the workshop. You wanted to stay outside the character watching and directing but you did get into the shoes of the character especially when you did not the script and the words rule you. When you owned the character and what the character wants you began the journey of an actor. So continue the trip. I promise you if will never be boring and you might very well surprise yourself. Pleasure working with you. Jeanne
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