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to older fans..haha! | 致老「粉絲」…哈哈!

didn't realise there was a MJ joke running on me.. hahaha!! Anyway good to see you guys..er.. girls again..

  • DanielsGirl (US)

  • Lynn (SP)

  • Miss_b (OZ)

  • Willa (OZ)

  • Joanne (London)

  • Tinlunlau (Canada)

  • Anita (US)

  • Michelle (MY)

  • Leely (MY)

  • Shorty (NZ)

  • luv_freedom17 (SG)

  • lou (US)

  • GirlWonder (US)

The ALive boys wish all you girls especially have a big dawg year!

You girls have kept progressing this blog into a meeting place which is good to see!

As you may realise the boys are finally all back in one place!!

We've all been busting our round things!!!

Coming soon will be something from alive which you'll hopefully see what us boy's have been working on!

Yes Alive is Alive!

After my filming comitments I'll be getiing into a couple of other projects!

I'm most excited about a project called TLLM, Alive definitely made me want to do this project! About a year and a bit ago a friend and I joked around about doing this project.. now where in the creative stages..to give you a hint.. I'm writing ryhmes!!! I'll definitely get the other boys to bust some sh*t out as well!

Also another project which should be out this summer is the launch of X-FED(my x-games clan) & Nike will be releasing a sneaker! very excited, I hope Nike get's to your part of town!!

Anyway more to come, we'll be seeing you guys more often, more soon!!!!


Big Love and Peace from ALive


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