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Tired but Happy!!! | 累都開心

chinese sith lord: I am your father! ...gasp.... I am tired.... gasp..... zzzzzzzzz!!!!!

chinese sith lord: I am your father! ...gasp.... I am tired.... gasp..... zzzzzzzzz!!!!!

How the f**k are you guys doing? It's been such a looooong time!!!! Beens so busy I need to take a break!!!!!! I've been shooting Stephen Fung's new TV series, Jackie Chan's new movie, just held the rip curl cup surf event, on metro radio every sunday to talk about action sports, pre-production work on the feature version of tai tai, pre-planning another movie for my wife, x-fed in pre-planning for next year, marketing and merchandising for the sky jump.. and more!! I need to sleep!!! I will be on more alivenotdead the week after christmas!! Till then please take ultra super care!!! All the best for the festive season!!! Thanks for all you guys support.. never thought we'd get an award, everyone in the industry said because we haven't released an album we don't get nominated!! well here's to the power of the net.. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! Till next time!! Peace                                                                                                                            班老友最近點呀﹖好長一段時間囉!!!!我簡直忙得透不過氣,得停下來抖抖啦!!!!  我除了拍Stephen Fung的新電視劇、拍成龍的新片之外,又剛忙完滑板的rip curl盃,每個禮拜還在新城體育節目講有關的運動,更要為我太太安排新片「太太」的前期工作,安排明年的工作時間表,宣傳「笨豬跳」……等等!我已經累到瞓低!!!  我在聖誕之後的那個禮拜,會多到Alivenotdead來!!  因此,你們請超小心保重!!!  祝假期一切都好!!!  多謝你們的支持……從來沒想過我們會得獎,同行之中,也沒有人會想到我們能得獎,因為我們根本沒出過碟!!!  別小看互聯網的力量……你們的力量!!!!!  下次再談!!  和平  子聰

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